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United Kingdom - Hampshire

Hello, I'm Princess Lola, welcome to my world! A world where, what Princess Lola wants, Princess Lola gets! I have been a Mistress for over 4 years now and I enjoy every minute of it. I enjoy tormenting and teasing my slaves and watching them suffer for me as they fall deeper under my spell, looking down at my slaves, reminding them of their place beneath me and that they should worship their superior Princess!

I decided to become a Mistress after growing up with a family that completely spoilt me. I was always being treated like a pampered Princess and was given nearly everything I wanted like a complete spoilt diva! Reaching my late teens I realised I had a kink and would find myself turning any vanilla situation into a femdom scenario in my head. There was always a feeling of dominance within me and I had always wanted everything my way and still do!

I am a very cruel and sensual Princess with a sadistic and teasing mind, so prepare to be mesmerized and totally mind controlled by me. I am very demanding and expect the highest respect and servitude from my slaves. I will train you to my exceptional standards and punishments will be given should these requirements not be met.

So are you ready to worship me? Be owned by me? And serve me to the highest standards?

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Princess Lola Reviews (Post a Review)

March 2015

Wow, Princess Lola is stunningly beautiful & despite being very young for a Mistress she is very strict.
An incredible hour spent grovelling at her perfect feet & receiving a very hard spanking.
Thanks Princess Lola, I'll definitely be back soon!!!

March 2015

i am princess lolas 24/7 slave she is a very skilled mistress with a cruel streak, she is very stricked and she loves to dish out lots of pain if you dont do things her way. her training leaves you wanting to come back for more again and again. her highness likes to break your minded as well as your body. even a job like doing her ironing if not up to her standard you will be spanked, the princess is one of the top dommes around and well worth a visit

March 2015

spent lots of time serveing the princess i even have done her washing for her a great mistress very good if you live in hampshire she is worth a visit great to serve

May 2015

A beautiful, young & well-organised mistress who creates a delightful atmosphere for the client.
She is very attentive to one's limits and it all felt very safe.
The premises were clean and comfortable. A most enjoyable interlude.

May 2015

First and unforgettable visit to Princess Lola, a very powerful and gorgeous Goddess !
I am totally under her control and have found my right place in this world : at her feet, on my knees. I wish she will be kind enough to accept future visits of her very obedient slave

August 2015

OMG i had an hour session with princess today and it was great loved the way she controlled me and made me feel better about the session, definitely going back for more

October 2015

I had an incredible session with this stunning Lady yesterday.
She was lovely both before and after the session (although evil in between luckily).I was very nervous beforehand but she put me at ease immediately.
Her photos really don't do her justice,she has a body to die for,eyes you could lose yourself in and a perfect wicked smile.
Before the session she asked me to remind me of what we had discussed over email beforehand,I was a bit worried she had forgotten and we wouldn't get to do the things I preferred but I needn't have been.Every single thing I wanted she did with me and more.I was totally under her spell and the hour felt like 5 minutes.
Princess Lola is a wonderful Mistress,the only bad thing I can say is that I hadn't found her before now.

November 2015

Had a lovely initial session with Princess Lola yesterday and for a first session it was amazing. Princess is warm and friendly but strict and harsh when required. Will definitely be back for more.

March 2016

Princess Lola is a most attentive mistress, very beautiful and cruel. She has immaculate premises with a wide variety of implements for 'fun'!!
You will not be allowed to get away with any naughty behaviour.

August 2016

Had the pleasure of meeting Princess for the first time. The door opened, I was confident. The door closed my legs went weak. Stunning from top to toe, hugh smile and so welcoming. Took time to make me feel at ease and understand what I wanted from the session. I had thoughts about how the session would go and I have to say that my thoughts were way off. It was so much better and I still can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t wait to see her again

December 2016

Princess Lola took me into her service for two hours and put me through my obedience tests and trained me to serve her. I was naked and collared throughout. She was svelt, slim, beautiful and elegantly clad and at no time relaxed her command of me. To serve such a powerful young Princess was a true honour.

March 2017

Just had my first session with Princess Lola. I'm totally new to BDSM and being a sub and went in to my first session with Princess Lola really nervous. She soon put me totally at ease.I soon found myself totally powerless to this beautiful mistress and willing to obey her every word.Will definitely go back for more and I would recommend Princess Lola to anyone.

March 2017

I would like to say that if your thinking of visiting a femdom,& it's your thing then don't hesitate,I did & have missed out on lots of fun over the years.I have been visiting Princess Lola for about six months now,so feel I can offer some feed back,best decision ever she's all you expect & more,very approachable about anything,gorgeous,cruel,sensitive,understanding.All I think about is my next visit,which says a lot,if you need a kick to get rid of any bad habits then Princess Lola will help you by punishing you if you don't comply,now there's an incentive!!!.

June 2017

My very first time with Princess, and my very first time in a BDSM setting. Princess was everything i had hoped for and more. Her pictures truly don't do her justice. Very understanding and knew exactly how to dominate me. Time simply flies by when you're under her control. Would definitely recommend. If you're nervous like i was, do not fear, she will guide you and teach you.

June 2017

Princess Lola is a stunning Humiliatrix and perfectionist. Princess Lola immediately put me at ease with a welcoming smile and a soft spoken voice on arrival. I am a sissy and came for training. We began with a friendly chat and I was told to show Princess Lola my sissy outfits. Princess told me to get undressed and we began the session with me being dressed in a pink bra, sissy knickers, thigh high stockings with pretty pink bows, leotard and tutu. Princess Lola applied my makeup with great care and attention to detail. For the ultimate humiliation, a pink kitten collar was affixed to the base of my sissy clit. Sissy training included being a fairy, walking/strutting, wiggling, dancing and mincing. Kitten collar jingling throughout. Princess Lola laughed, giggled, pointed and thoroughly humiliated me for two hours. My clit was sprinkled in glitter! Princess Lola stepped up the humiliation by insisting I suck her strap-on whilst telling me to make eye contact with her L shaped fingers reminding me what a pathetic tiny cock loser I was. Princess Lola had various games for me to play including 'fetch the wand' and 'panties over the head'. I could tell by the laughter that Princess Lola was thoroughly enjoying herself which of course was my ultimate aim as her tiny clitted sissy bitch. Princess Lola taught me how to apply a sanitary towel and was almost in tears as I put it in my sissy knickers. The music to 'Wheels on the Bus' commenced and I performed for Princess Lola as she mocked my tiny cock relentlessly. Then a performance of 'I'm a little teapot' with my tiny cock on display. Princess Lola undertook obedience training with me as well and I learned the four sissy slave positions. If you are nervous about visiting Princess Lola, then please hear it from me, you have nothing to worry about. Limits are respected and Princess Lola's experience and intuition is exceptional. I was lost in sissy world for two hours. I will be back! Sissy Lucy x

July 2017

As a complete novice I was somewhat nervous for my first session with HRH Princess Lola who was amazing as a strict headmistress who put a naughty school boy in his place as a teacher's pet. I enjoyed the session and Princess Lola is a highly intelligent and beautiful domme who I hope to serve again. Princess Lola helped put my mind at ease with the more painful aspects of the session which I also enjoyed. My favourite part was the collaring and being led around on a leash kissing Princess Lola's amazing boots. Thank you very much Princess for making my fantasies come alive.

July 2017

Just finished my first ever session with Princess Lola. I am a newbie and was nervous. Princess Lola made me feel at ease straight away. Princess Lola answered all my questions and remembered everything that I wished to be included in the session. I was very impressed with Princess Lola communication through email, which made me feel confident that the session would be a success. Princess Lola is fantastic in what she does and I would definitely recommend having a session with her. I was allowed to have a shower before and after the session. Princess Lola uses a safe word if I felt I needed to stop. Princess Lola is very understanding and knew how to dominate me. I really enjoyed the session and the two hours went by so quick. I am definitely considering having another session in the future. Thank you Princess Lola.

August 2017

Lovely session with Princess this morning. No theme or specific goals, just a lovely relaxed and chatty session with the most friendly and easy to talk to Domme. Thank you Princess. See you soon.

November 2017

I very recently had my first session with the princess. I was a newbie and engaged in the offered icebreaker chat, in which various points were talked about in a calm fashion, followed by a guided tour as to the different instruments on offer in her playroom. This was followed by a session which was very enjoyable and awakening experience, and had the odd funny unplanned incident which I think we both found amusing. She is very beautiful and looks more so in real life than in her good pictures, which did impress me so on her web site. She was strict and clear in her instructions, and it was a pleasure to receive my orders in a well spoken and authoritative manner. I am pleased that the Princess has had the courage to set herself up in such a service and perform her activities in a very professional manner, and I have great admiration for her.

January 2018

I've just survived my second visit to HRH Princess Lola and hours later I am unable to sit down on my tender butt cheeks.From the moment she opens her door a lets you into her world you are under no illusions who is in control and who is the useless piece of meat lucky enough to be kneeling in her glowing presence.On both occasions she wore skin tight latex and WOW! did it enhance her gorgeous curves and intimate me further but in so much a good way.You are constantly tested on your concentration levels, any mistake and your name goes into the punishment book.On my two visits I cannot pick a favourite ordeal as all the suffering at her hands made me feel more alive than I have in years!!I've been flogged, whipped caned, hogtied, spat on and at, had my face slapped and the torments go on but I loved every minute.I was rather proud of myself as I also took part today in the punishment pot challenge. It's kind of a unlucky dip full of Princesses favourite punishments and I took 20 ball busts like a real sissy.For anyone wanting to experience a doorway into this world and you have had fantasies for a while a wholeheartedly recommend a visit to Princess Lola she has the utmost professionalism and can change your life in under an hour.As Arnold Schwarzenegger said on the odd occasion " I'll be back"

February 2018

Wowsers!!Just when you think it's safe to go back to her domain, she opens up another can of whoop ass!!After pretty quickly discovering a 1 hour session is not enough time to enjoy serving Princess Lola, I booked 2 two hour sessions and became her guinea pig to try out some of her new toys.The first of which was the electric dog collar, Princess saying how disgusting it is that these are used in people's pets, she could never do that to a poor defenceless dog but a useless piece of meat like myself she would enjoy enormously and not did she once with a bit of playing around we got it working.Testing on my arm to begin with causing both of us to jump up in shock then laughter at my reaction.After sticking round my neck, the first jolt made the side of my face constrict, so it was moved to the back and the rest of my torment was about to begin.I am addicted to punishment pot much to my detriment, with being made to lick her toilet clean the getting my head shoved down the toilet then Princess flushing it twice with her boot holding my head down deep in there.I also had to eat dog food mixed with her spit,trampled on, specified and she is continuously adding ever more cruel tasks to it.I have even had to drink her bittersweet nectar after she owed into a jug, I was wrapped beneath her Throne, told to open my mouth upon where some of her puss was poured into my open mouth where I was given 3 commands.HOLD, GARGLE AND FLUSH.Occasionally Princess would spit into my mouth also.How has this happened? How has i become a toilet?AND WHY WAS O SO HAPPY AND PROUD TO HAVE SUNK THIS LOW??Because of the magnificent Princess Lola that's how!!She can be cruel, kind and on occasion hilarious.I look forward to serving again and maybe experiencing the humble r and her electro cock ring among other things but nothing beats her wicked imagination.

March 2018

So here's how my latest session with the wonderful Princess Lola went.She has pushed me past so many boundaries at times i can't get her out of my head!!I arrived feeling confident i could cope with whatever she had in store for me with relative ease as I'm sure things couldn't be taken much further.WRONG!I didn't gamble on Her Royal Majesty getting out of bed on the wrong side that very morning.Upon arrival i was not even given the usual chance to change, or adjust to my surroundings. I was immediately told to kneel and drop my trousers upon where she attached a sick shock ring and informed me we were off shopping!!I was given a list which included a cucumber, banana,, orange, lube, condoms, a pair of hold ups and 1 tin of really meaty dog food.II had to follow her round the shop keeping my distance, picking up said items along the way while getting regular shocks to my dock and balls.I had to engage her in conversation twice once asking advice about the hold ups, she made me squirm by picking out a pair for me staying that I should try them on!! Also she chose the brand of dog food.With all my items in my basket i had to head off to the checkout with Princess Lola not far behind and strike up a conversation with the checkout girl feeling so humiliated. What must she have thought. I was not allowed a bag and had to carry all the items in plain view all the whole receiving the odd shock.I wanted the world to swallow me up........I was then dragged back to her domain where I had to strip and got locked in the tiniest cage ever where I couldn't even move to lift my head up while she was changing. So I missed the vision of a lifetime,what a tease!!Then she wanted some breakfast after i put the hold ups on but said it wasn't fair that she are alone so you've guessed it i ended up with the dog food. Gagging at most mouthfuls.I was then chained under her Throne and made to lick clean 3 pairs of her shoes with a spiky torture device attached to my penis while she continued with her breakfast occasionally spitting chewed up pain so chocolate into my mouth supposedly as a treat.My poor bottom was then given the beating of its life where she worked through all of her collection of whips canes and paddles holding nothing back laughing wickedly the whole time. With the ball gag in i was close to tears. But what can I expect?I deserved it for being so pathetic as she put it.She was enjoying a cup of coffee i previously made for her, so much so she wanted me to taste some but after it had been through her bowels!!She missed in a jug ordered me on my knees with my head back and mouth open and poured it in sometimes Also spitting into my mouth also where I had to hold it, GARGLE them swallow. Yuck!!I was then given permission to cum but only on the condition i kicked up my filthy mess from a saucer afterwards but before that Princess Lola had one other treat planned for me.She went to her kitchen and came back with a doughnut shaped choux pastry creamy chocolate cake.My first thoughts were an i going to be made to hump like in the movie american pie but no it was slammed into my face and hair.So there i was a grown msn in his forties kneeling wearing hold ups and panties cake mush hanging from his face with his bottom on fire banking with the knowledge I'd soon be lapping up my own jizz in front of a living goddess.You can't make this shot up!!!Unbelievable!!I loved every minute!!Thanks Princess Lola xxx