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United Kingdom - Merseyside

I am amazing, alluring and addictive however I知 also intuitive & intelligent. Articulate and seductive a total tease. With 7 years experience I can guide you through your submissive journey. I'm tall, tantalizing and a tease. My feet are a slim size 5 with high arches, perfect for worshipping and my inside leg length is 31 inches.

 I class myself as a Dominatrix, Mistress, Sadist, Fetishista, Cock Tease & Top. I have many different facets to my personality so you will never become bored or disappointed. I am constantly evolving and enjoy meeting a wide range of people. 

 I command and conduct My sessions with a smile, professionalism and sophistication. I fully enjoy your submission to me. However if you want to be tickled with my flogger don't ask to be beaten. You get what you ask for. Communication is key, yet so simple.

 My personality is a creative mix of sadism and sensuality. I'm quite often sarcastic with a witty and dry sense of humour, but also fair, strict and rational. 

 I'll keep you on your toes and if and when required punishing you for your bad behaviour, you may want this from the start, I relish the thought of putting you in your place.

 I don't scream or shout, that would be a loss of control, I'd rather spank you with a smile on my face. I may look cute on the outside but I thoroughly enjoy luring you in to a false sense of security and using it against you, all for my pleasure and amusement. 

 You will be drawn to my dominant personality and naturally you will submit.

 I enjoy taking you deep within your mind, exploring both your fears and fantasies. I will take you to the edge and bring you right back.

 Just as my personality has many facets, so does my wardrobe. I don't believe in the stereotypical definition of a Dominatrix. I am not defined by my clothing, shoes, costume or my choice of play area.

 I'm very comfortable in my dungeon but just as comfortable in my domestic setting or even out and about in public.

 My chambers are fully equipped boasting a dungeon, medical room & domestic setting which are all; discreet, residentially set, clean and comfortable. Refreshments, showering facilities and free parking are all available. 

 I enjoy playing with both your mind and body. Embracing one without the other would be a pointless endeavour.

 I enjoy a wide and extensive range of BDSM activities however the rapport and relationship between a Mistress and her submissive is more important than the activities on their own.

 I am never offended so do not be nervous about making contact, ensure you are polite, courteous and you can expect the same high standards in return.

 I am experienced in playing with novices and seasoned players alike so whether you like to dip your toe in the water for the first time or come and have some kinky fun the way you know you like, just call me and we can start arranging our fetish meet today.

 I'm available most days Monday - Saturday from 10.00am onwards and last appointment starts at 8.00pm.

 I can be available on Sundays however advance notice and a deposit is required.

 I'm based in Liverpool, 10 minutes from the city centre.

 I can help you fulfil your darkest desires, nothing shocks me but everything excites me.

 Complete discretion is assured.

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