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Pixie Quinn www.irishdom.co.uk

United Kingdom - Glasgow

Welcome to your new addiction. I am Pixie Quinn, but you may refer to Me as "Princess", "Goddess", or "Mistress." I am perfection, and once you've entered into My world, your fate is already sealed. I'm a financial domme who wants nothing more than to take all your money. You're broke? Not my problem. All of you belongs to Me. I'll fuck up your mind, AND your wallet. 

I am also a wrestling domme, who is based within Glasgow city centre located at Abstrakt studios.  http://www.wrestlingdom.co.uk/ check out this site for more info.

If you think you have enough cash to be My little piggy, email me at: pixiequinn@hotmail.com Be prepared to pay, immediately. After all, serving Me gives you meaning in your otherwise, mundane, pathetic life. 

My Amazon Wishlist - updated regularly. 

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April 2017

I've been visiting Mistress Pixie Quinn for 2 & a half years at Abstrakt Me & she has helped me to explore my kinks & try different things with varying results (a lot more successful than not), but in a laid back safe enviornment, Mistress learns what makes you tick & what you may or may not go for. Mistress Pixie has got me into wearing lingerie & now i quite enjoy it, something i swore i wouldnt do!Sometimes Mistress may choose to keep it light & informal, other sessions may consist of Mistress exerting her control right from the word go.I'm now completely obsessed though with her beautiful feet, be it worshipping them or smelling or massaging them...... thats now my happy place, beneath Mistress' feet. Mistress has really allowed me to grow & indulge my foot fetish, ive went from a curious novice, to now i just love feet. I've bought her worn socks & stockings from Mistress & love smelling them at home!I always look forward to visiting Mistress Pixie & hope to for a long time to come.PixiesFootSlave

June 2017

Where does one begin when attempting to 'Review' Mistress Pixie Quinn? Quite simply she has changed my life, made me happy and given me a reason to carry on. Feel like it is only the start of a lifelong D/s relationship. I encourage everyone to serve her. When you first encounter Mistress Pixie Quinn you'll be immediately struck by her beauty, she is devastatingly good looking. Can tell she keeps her amazing porcelain figure in great shape, curves in all the right places! Don't let that fool you though, Underneath that exterior Mistress Pixie Quinn is fiercely intelligent with a razor sharp wit. A master psychologist, she knows how to uncover your fears and weaknesses and will exploit them for her amusement. I'm always half terrified, half aroused when serving her.Mistress Pixie Quinn is certainly strict. She demands obedience and you'll be wise to follow her instructions quickly. She takes no nonsense! This this balanced by her warm personality. She listens and responds to her subs. Will smile and laugh when feels amused. Can tell that she's revelling in her sadism and enjoying herself. At the start of the session she'll go through the activities with you to ensure you know what you're getting yourself into as well as checking your hard limits. That way when you start you can relax in the knowledge she'll wont take things 'too far' Mistress Pixie Quinn Is perfect for novices to experienced subs and is well known for her versatility. Can do wrestling to CP and beyond. Takes great pleasure in role play scenarios Mistress Pixie Quinn is well versed in bondage, something I particularly enjoy, Has a creative mind for positions and predicament play. After the session is over, she listens to feedback and is appreciative. First time or fourth you can tell that the time spent together has been valued and cherished.My fourth session though brief this time reaffirmed how much Mistress Pixie Quinn is a expert in her craft and a wonderful, down to earth woman. With every visit I feel it 'clicking' as we get to know each other better. She actually cares for her subs wellbeing and If you serve her It'll be the best decision you'll ever make. It was mine.

July 2017

I saw Mistress Pixie for the first time today and it was an excellent introductory session and we were both exploring each other which was excellent. In future visits I am hoping they will be more full blown with Mistress sadistically in control. I have to give special mention to the best ballbusting session I have ever had with Mistress wearing her spiked shoes to kick me with. Like the rest of the session it was done with 2 way communication but I hope that next time I will be securely tied and gagged so that Mistress can decide how hard to kick me (you may have guessed that I am addicted to these shoes now). There was some belly lunching, nt and electrics. Unfortunately Mistress had to hold back on the cp because I have a judicial event in 10 days, but she did enough without using her most severe implements that when I do go for a no mercy judicial session with her I will need to be securely tied as it will be very painful (I hope)There is so much equipment I want to try that I don't know where to start.Thank you Mistress, I can't wait to see you again.

May 2018

I had a great session with Mistress Pixie Quinn at her chambers in central Glasgow. I arrived as a complete newbie to visiting a dom and she made me feel at my ease throughout, although I was pretty nervous. It was the perfect mix of playful fun, worship and strict punishment. Afterwards I felt absolutely drained in a wonderful way. Looking forward to going back and trying new things with this awesome and beautiful mistress.