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United Kingdom - Gloucestershire - London

Mistress Var is a British, Strict, Corporal Punishment Governess, Sissy Maid Trainer, Sissy Schoolgirl Trainer and Adult School Nurse who works from North London. Mistress Var resides in a clean comfortable domestic setting with easy access to public transport and free parking facilities.
London Dominatrix Mistress Var has a good range of kit and equipment but you are always welcome to bring your own. Be assured that she values maintaining the highest standards in Health, Safety, and Hygiene. Being a Lifestyle Domina for over 10 years she is genuinely interested and has a true understanding of the service she has to offer. 

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June 2017

I wasn't sure about Mistress Var - I like strict, hard cp, usually with some Headmistress / Schoolboy role play. I was put off by all the sissy/ab references in her advertising.Nevertheless, after a couple of exchanged messages, I found myself outside her flat, badly needing to be disciplined. (What a wonderful day that was - I have since been back twice...)MV advertises as a 50 year old lady, and I was braced for someone older. No need - I would have said she appeared to be 40 at most. She is slim, smart, beautifully presented and immediately put me at my ease.We discussed what I hoped for from the session, and my previous experience, ...... and then it started. Her face hardened, and she started to speak in authorative, clipped tones, leaving no option but to do as I was told.Over the next hour I was comprehensively dealt with: MV used a range of implements (with expertise), judging the severity levels beautifully and attentively, and interspersing the pain with excruciating delicious caresses.Eventually, she eased me back to reality with a cup of tea, and we chatted in an unhurried way until it was time for me to leave.I have had no hesitation in returning. MV is a strict, attractive, expert practioner who wields a mean cane with precision and vigour, as well as being a lovely friendly human being out of role.I recommend her whole heartedly.CY

September 2017

My Visit to Aunty V My day started badly, train delays meant I had to text Aunty to tell her I would probably be late, not the best start. Luckily, I was only a few minutes adrift, so not too bad.I was greeted by all I can describe as a beautiful lady, Aunty V is gorgeous, well-educated articulate and softly spoken. We sat and chatted for a while, putting me at my ease then I was put firmly in my place, trousers and pants off and bent over her desk for a small warm up with her brush. a new experience for me not too bad but Aunty wasn’t hitting too hard. That was to change very quickly as she introduced my backside to her burgundy rubber soled slipper. After what seemed ages Aunty changed to her gold slippers and continuedThe spanking went on and on all the time Aunty admonishing me (rightly so) for my perceived crimes. She even introduced me to her cane. I was moved from her desk to kneel in front of her sofa, again Aunty went to town on my backside with all four of her slippers her hand which is very hard, and her cane. By the time she had finished in that position my backside felt swollen, red hot and getting very sore.I was given a little break before being placed across Auntie’s soft lap for her to continue. She used her gold slipper and really laid into my poor bottom and I was getting close to tears. Luckily for me, I was given a couple of minutes to recover before being sent back to kneel in front of her sofa. Aunty tanned my backside with her slippers long and hard, even spanking me with both at one stage. To finish I was given a choice, another long hard dose of her slippers or 12 strokes of her cane.I wasn’t sure I could take any more of her slippers so I opted for the cane. 12 firm stokes later I was released for a well needed hug. We had a nice long chat afterwards, and before I knew it time to go. My 1-hour appointment was the best time I have had in years.Anyone who likes / needs a dose of the slipper I urge you to visit Aunty V, not only a gorgeous lady, but one hell of a spanker and put a slipper in her hands and she will make sure your bottom is well punished.I will be returning to Aunty V and heartily recommend anyone else to do so as well.

October 2017

Sissy Humiliation and Severe Mouth Soaping. I was lucky enough to secure an appointment with Mistress Var at quite short notice. From the moment I made contact (via e-mail) her attitude and manner was extremely professional. I received a detailed form to fill in regarding my fetishes and what I was expecting from our session. After exchanging several e-mails I was granted a 3 hour booking the following day at her South London studio. When visiting a new Mistress for the first time I am always a bit anxious because you never know what to expect. On entering her studio however, I was delighted to be met by a very beautiful and highly intelligent lady who spent a great deal of time discussing my fantasies and outlining the services that she provides. Although she is a relative newcomer on the professional scene she understands the needs of a submissive far better that most Mistresses and I really enjoyed the discussion we had prior to the fun beginning. Although her manner was very pleasant and jovial prior to the start of the session once in roleplay Mistress Var instantly changed into a strict and domineering matriarch. I had requested sissy training with humiliation and a harsh bare bottom paddling. Mistress Var dressed me in tights and a very girly pink nightie with girl’s shoes, a pretty wig and a girly bow in my hair. I do have a tights fetish both for wearing them myself and also being dominated by women wearing them. Mistress pandered to my fantasy by wearing the sheer to waist tights I had purchased for her with a short skirt and classy high heels. She looked supremely dominant and very sexy but there was no way that she was going to allow me to touch her or worship her beautiful bottom until I had earned the privilege. Early on in the session I was reprimanded for not walking properly in my high heels and I compounded the issue by making a feeble excuse. For this I was subjected to a very thorough and highly humiliating mouth soaping. The punishment was perfectly executed by Mistress who make it as unpleasant and humiliating as she possibly could. The soaping took over 30 minutes and my mouth was literally burning by the time she finished. After this I was taken into her living room and secured over the thrashing bench in preparation for my paddling. My mouth was still full of soap but Mistress insisted on gagging me before lifting up my petticoat and pulling down my tights and panties. In this position I was given a very thorough bare bottom paddling until I was literally howling for mercy. Mistress Var admitted to me that she was not a particularly hard caner but she is certainly more severe than she realises. I am an experienced sub but my bottom was literally raw from the severity of her beating and I was very relieved when it finally ended. During the thrashing Mistress Var hitched up her skirt so that I could see her delicious bottom through the mesh of her sheer tights. I found this extremely erotic but I was totally unable to do anything about it while she was beating my bare bottom without mercy. After the thrashing my session was over so I asked Mistress for permission to relieve myself. She allowed me to look at (but not touch) her beautiful tights clad bottom while I pleasured myself. Although I was extremely excited at this point, and I did masturbate for several minutes, I decided not to relieve myself in her presence. I left her studio with a sore bottom feeling very humiliated and also in a state of high sexual frustration. Normally this would be the end of my session but in this case there was an interesting and unexpected twist to the story. That evening I had booked a table in a very expensive restaurant for me and my wife. I was really looking forward to this meal and I had booked the restaurant several months in advance. Due to the thorough mouth-soaping I had received at the hand of Mistress Var I could not taste anything that I chose from the menu. The soaping had temporarily killed my taste buds and everything I chose tasted of soap. The realisation that her punishment had affected me well beyond the duration of the session was something I found very exciting. I had a strong erection throughout my meal and I could not stop thinking about Mistress Var and how enjoyable our session had been. I will definitely be visiting her again as soon as possible but next time I will be requesting a longer session with even more degrading content. I can certainly recommend Mistress Var to anyone who loves to be dominated by a strict lady with a beautiful body and a cruel and sadistic imagination.

January 2018

Petra Powers .Where to start? ... .I arrived at a detached Victorian House with great anticipation of whether I had found an authentic Mistress .I had sent my profile of what my kinks were and from the very moment I was ushered through to the drawing room I felt this was going to be unforgetable .I was promptly dressed as a new girl at the University , Mistress Var was calm and collected ... I was not !Immediately i made a huge mistake by undermining the rules and attempting to sit down in a chair ..I received a swift 6 strikes of the cane !From this moment on until I left sore bottomed Mistress Var was in complete control.On failing in my exams Mistress Var handed out her Justice with fair and firm manner and I paid the sharp penaltyI cannot describe the unique and tailored made session in full as It would not be a true depiction of the evening .However i shall be returning as soon as my Dear , Evil great Aunt sends me again to the ever watchful , skilled, detailed in all disciplines , and truly wonderful Mistress Var .A wonderful , real Mistress as beautiful as cruel !Yours sincerely Petra Powers xxx

July 2018

I visited Mistress Var for the first (of many I hope) time last Friday. She is an educated, articulate and highly attractive lady with an engaging personality who becomes terrifyingly severe when in disciplinarian mode.I was stunned by the thoroughness and ferocity with which she administered the slippering to which, as Headmistress she had sentenced me making sure that every part of my bottom was left black and blue but concentrating on the sit spot which she battered with her full force relentlessly and mercillessly even though she could tell how much it was hurting me. Four days later my bottom is still deeply and colourfully bruised and difficult to sit down on.My abiding recollection of the session is of her fantastic energy and enthusiasm and the obvious enjoyment she derived from administering the spanking and slippering as hard as she could.Mistress Var is an exceptionally classy lady. I am so delighted to have met her and I'm looking forward immensely (well kind of!) to our next appointment when the bruising on my bottom has gone. She genuinely enjoys creating authentic corporal punishment scenarios and spanking, slippering and caning boys' bottoms really hard. Her appartment is clean, comfortable, well equipped and light and airy. I can heartily recommend anyone who needs to be severely and authentically punished. to contact her.