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United States - Georgia

Mistress Vanity Vain's reputation proceeds's Her and rightly so. She is an imaginative and authentic role-player, full of delightful and evil fantasies. A virtuoso with whips and canes and a Dominatrix who's ability to enslave with tease and denial is legendary! Mistress Vanity is a Professional & Lifestyle Dominatrix based in Atlanta. She is a petite 4'11" 32C-22-34 and a true Southern belle, born and raised a Georgia peach. She has been working professionally since 2011 after completing an apprenticeship with the well Known and experienced Dominatrix, Mistress Ayn.

Mistress Vanity is highly skilled, bringing her own special touch of creativity and Spirituality to all her sessions. Her knowledge and experience of BDSM has been considerably expanded by her own personal lifestyle...ability's that help to reveal the inner most desires, whether they be that of a nervous novice or of an experienced submissive or slave. Do you deem yourself worthy of Mistress Vanity's attention? Sessions with Mistress Vanity have there own individual style, serious care and thought are given to each, according to your experience and limitations. Mistress Vanity's understanding of the submissive mindset will guarantee your needs will be catered to, so don't settle for less in a Dominatrix. Mistress Vanity enjoys sessioning with men who are new to the scene (She is always respectful of your limits.) Ladies and couples, who wish to explore their submissive side are also encouraged to contact Her.

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February 2013

Mistress Vanity Vain is a Magnificant Mistress, fabulous in all she does. It is pure pleaseure to server her. Her skills in CBT are the best. She leaves you wanting more. I look forward to out monthly session with great anticipation. I have served several mistresses over ther yesrs but none can compare tio her skills. You will want to do anything to please and amuse her. She is turly world class....

March 2013

When I was in a session with mistress vanity, I was completely new to bdsm. But after that session, I was instantly hooked. The only thing that I could think about after a session with her, was when I would be able to see her again.

March 2013

Mistress Vanity is a fantastic Mistress, her skills are the best. absolutly delicious, she leaves you wanting more so much more. I can not wait till our next session. Longer session are the best, I loved spending multple hours with her and her friend Goddess. There use of tens units and violet wands and soundss are incrediable, strap-on play is fabulous. They make you want to do anything to please and amsue them and I mean anything!!!
She is the best!!!!!!! and extremely beautiful.

March 2013

Mistress Vanity is the most amazing mistress I have ever served. She is deliciously devine. He skills are seconded to none. The more I see he the more I need to return. She leaves you longing to serve her in any way you can. My desire to serve as her slave is overpowering. She is a supreme dominatrix in all form of exquisite domination and torture, espically CBT, and electro stimulation. She is truly spectacular..

April 2013

Mistress Vanity is the sexiest mistress ever she doesnt rush her services are second to none, i wish i could afford to see her evryday if i could i would thx Mistress Vanity - howard

July 2013

Mistress Vanity Vain has a great kinkiness and is a lot of fun to play with, definitely putting a lot of thought into each of her sessions. She can range from the sensual to completely dominant. Although she may seem small, Vanity packs quite a punch; she will take you to your darkest desires. Vanity is well experienced in spanking, whips, medical play, bondage, and many other activities. She is always aware of the wants and needs of her slaves during a session and will not overstep their comfort zone. She also has an amazing rack and is in perfect shape. Look no futher for a domme in the Atlanta area. She is a consummate professional who always knows what is best for her slaves.

July 2014

Mistress Vanity Vain has won me over. She is beautiful, charming and professional. She has impressive physical and mental skills. I have a footfetish with a strong interest in foot dominance, a closely held secret, mostly satisfied by internet sample porn clips. I have experimented with a few private dancers and even fewer professional Dommes over the years. With every past encounter I got a good bit of what I was looking for, but always with something missing. Shortly into my first encounter with Mistress Vanity, I knew this would be different.

Soon after we met she asked about my interests. Very soon after she ask me to worship her feet, on my knees. I did so diligently, but holding back a bit, not wanting to turn her off, as I sensed happened with some of the others. I did press a bit more firmly with some of my kisses and took a moment to deeply inhale the sweet fragrance. I slowed a bit, anticipating she would want to give me my next command, something she would be more into. As I slowed, she pick up on it, and asked, "did you kiss every square inch?". With that she unleashed my passion, rapid fire kisses on every aspect of her beautiful petite feet. I knew that she knew me. I knew that she had me. I was her new toy for her to play with as she pleased. She knew every button to push on her new toy and push them she did. I was like "Woody the cowboy" on Toy story. I had a new owner, and I was so happy to be a toy she wanted to play with. At the end of the session I had kissed her feet and bottom a thousand times. I had sucked her toes and nibbled and deep throated her feet, all at her command, but straight out of my dreams.

I can't wait to step out of my real life to once again be in her presence. I look forward to learning what she has to teach me, and letting her show me where my buttons really are.


August 2017

Mistress Vanity Vain has the beauty of a goddess. Very breathtaking, and a true Mistress. I loved how she was motivated in every single interests that I had a fetish in. One minute you can be in your happy zone, the next your begging for mercy. Great personality, enthusiastic and very playful. I would definitely come back for another session because she mastered the art of bondage ;)For you all that are seeking, whether you are at a novice or experienced level, she will make your dreams come true!