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United Kingdom - London

Mistress Sandra is a Pro and lifestyle Dominatrix. Her stunning hourglass body, powerful mind, the sweet smile that will take you to the another world. Do not be deceived by her her angelic figure as her domination style can range from soft sensual tie&tease, role play to more extreme scenarios.

Loves to push the limits whether you are a novice or a highly experienced slave, a challenge is always welcome and assures a fulfilling and mutually satisfying experience. You will beg her to come back for more. Take the ride of your unexplored fantasies of delight and debauchery.

It is Mistress Sandra’s genuine passion to have her slaves serving at her feet with obedience and discipline. She lives it 24/7 and deserves the treated as such. Elegant but yet sophisticated she will penetrate your mind and body with excitement and fear.

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October 2015

I consider myself very lucky to have been able to engage in a session with Mistress Sandra.

First of all, Her website and photos could not possibly do justice to Her stunning beauty and presence nor Her cunning imagination, resourceful personality and natural penchant to submit the weaker sex to Her feet and make them suffer.

I was greeted by Mistress Sandra in a gorgeous latex outfit at Her domestic location and we had a very assuring and relaxed chat before the session started about my prior BDSM experiences, fetishes, limits and so on.

After this, I was submitted to a whirlwind three hours that were completely spellbinding. My limits were masterfully pushed and I loved every minute of it. Bondage, electrics, violet wand, e-stims, sounds, CBT, clamps, breath control, bondage, corporal pain, slut training and a marvellous gas mask were some of the things that flew in and out of my consciousness during this.

Mistress Sandra is truly one of a kind. At no point does She subscribe to the "script driven" session anathema so terribly apparent with other past Mistress experiences of this slave. Every moment was amazing, fresh, frightening and delightful at the same time. There was no clock watching nor predictability and just one long rollercoaster of sensations and total immersion into a deep subspace.

In the past, I have had very uneven encounters in my quest to submit to true Female Dominants and serve their every wish.
With Mistress Sandra, I feel reached a new level on my journey as a slave and wholeheartedly Mistress Sandra to all likeminded slaves who wish to follow a similar path of authentic submission to a True Goddess.

October 2015

The first time I met Mistress Sandra I thought how stunning she was, even more so than her photos, but physical attractiveness is not on its own enough to make a good mistress. Mistress Sandra also has an ideal personality, a perfect mix of assertiveness and friendliness, and I soon felt very comfortable in her presence though it was clear who was in charge.

Before we met we had discussed in some detail my particular kinks and fetishes, most of which she was very keen to put into practice.There was one that was not possible on our first meeting but she happily arranged for this to happen the second time we met. We have now had three sessions and I'm sure Ms Sandra will summon me to attend again soon when she thinks I am due for further "treatment".

Anyone who is looking to meet a beautiful, friendly, assertive and open minded mistress need look no further than Mistress Sandra. She is in the top echelon and is highly recommended.


October 2015

I am always impressed with Miss Sandra. She is stunningly beautiful and very skilled.

Having given me 70 strokes with her cane, quite gentle given my condition at the time, she gave me the most amazing ass fucking I've had in years and introduced me to the joys of water sports and drinking mistress golden nectar.

A definite must to visit if you are in London

April 2016

I had developed an interest in trying out a session with a dominatrix for the past few years. Last year I took the decision and booked a session with a dominatrix , who I will not name out of respect. I did request that she did as she liked and threw in a few of my interests. The session unfortunately was a little disappointing as I was made to do some things that didn't really satisfy me or even challenge me. I thought maybe this was not for me and gave up . The desire begun to haunt me again and After a period of searching some porn videos , I got a little obsessed with a video of a dominatrix bossing around a man and forcing him to worship her body, making him lick her feet , worship her bum etc as well as sit on his face etc . I watched this a few times and really got turned on ...I really wanted to be that man in the video!
I contacted Miss Sandra posted the video and asked her to watch it and if she would be willing to do the activities shown. She replied, and agreed to all and an appointment was made.
When I met her I was a little overwhelmed with her stunning beauty , natural confidence and self assurance . Her flat was modern and lacking all the typical paraphernalia of a dungeon or torture chamber, I don't think she needed to much of a theatrical environment to assert her feminine power . The session was well worth it , and I enjoyed every minute , I found it hard to believe that a fantasy in my head could be materialised but Miss Sandra did this with ease as a true professional .
I don't know if I am the type of person to do this on a regular basis , but as I told her , if I do get the urge or I yearn for the same fantasy or develop another , She would be the first choice to call.
I would recommend her to any one who would like to spend time with a sexy Goddess of their dreams ! .


June 2016

Firstly I thank Mistress Sandra for the fabulous session we had together. She is a true goddess with a perfect body and demeanor to get any man on his knees with ease. When i contacted mistress, I had expressed a desire to explore several fantasies and wow, Mistress left no stone unturned. Our session had elements of feet/shoe worship, SPH, CBT, Collar humiliation, Trampling, Face sitting and spitting. The moment she put the collar on me, she made me her bitch whose job was extremely simple: to do as she says. First i was asked to pick 3 shoes from her large inventory. I was made to lick and clean those shoes with which she also trampled all over my body. There was a chastity device put on me which subdued my little soldier from rising up whenever she came close by. It was clear that she wanted his heads down and he was mocked repeatedly for his pathetic stature. Mistress enjoyed a good smoke in between and made me her ashtray and spittoon, another use she found for my mouth other than saying a mandatory yes to all her wishes. The face slaps delivered by mistress were stern and reminded me my position every time i crossed the line. Mistress also put my face to its best use by placing herself on it. Of all ways i can think of, choking on her weight has to be my best way to bid farewell. Such was the warmth of her buttocks. Towards the end, she kindly granted me an opportunity to release. My wounded soldier initially struggled to pull the trigger but eventually shot the bullet to please the mistress which is his only task.Overall, every aspect was covered well with sufficient time allocated to each activity. Most of all, it all seemed spontaneous and it speaks high of mistress's creativity. I am glad that my boundaries were pushed very nicely respecting my hard limits. I would definitely recommend a session with mistress Sandra.Looking at my calendar to be blessed again.Regards,Her slave from today

July 2016

What can I say about Mistress Sandra! I met her first in February 2014... 2.5 years and many many sessions later, I still keep going back to this amazing Mistress. My main interests include foot worship, trampling and watersports... and I do love her sensual domination style, but she can be very strict when she wants to be. Her feet are just amazing and out of this world... and the smell... I get wild just thinking about it! I have met many mistresses across the world over the years, but once I met Sandra that was it.. I have become her devoted slave. Her wicked and mischievous smile can pretty much make me do whatever she wants ;-) and I'd gladly do whatever it takes just to see her smile! Mistress once took me to club pedestal as her slave, what a great day it was! Truly in love and devoted slave for the gorgeous Mistress Sandra. Oops did I not mention how beautiful and stunning Mistress is? Trust me the pics on her profile do no justice to this beautiful Lady. I'm so lucky to have found her and I hope she enjoys using me as much as I enjoy being used and abused by her.

August 2016

I had the pleasure to meet Mistress Sandra a few weeks ago. She has a very pleasant way and she took time to make sure I was comfortable (given it took a long time as I was very nervous) before we started. She is breathtakingly beautiful, amazingly creative and delightfully dominant.Ill be sure to come back next time Im in London. Can wait to see more of her

September 2016

It is a long time since I met a Mistress who establishes her authority so firmly and with such ease even before she inflicted her painful punishment upon me. Mistress Sandra is extremenly beautiful and very sadistic at the same time.Mistress Sandra is happy to go with your likes (if agreed for play) and can expertly push your limits while always knowing where the line is. She is approachable, friendly, experienced and safe but is authentically dominant. She is suitable for novices and experienced slaves alike.It is fair to say that your dreams really come true when you visit Mistress Sandra!!!

September 2016

Mistress Sandra is the finest D in London. I say that as someone who has visited many over the years. In fact, honestly Mistress Sandra is the finest Dominatrix in Europe, if not the whole world. Firstly she is one of the most beautiful girls you've ever met, far more exotic than the pictures gleaned from her website. She greeted me at the door with a vicious telling off (I was 17 seconds late), an terrifying attitude and a crippling stare. She was with I think her childhood friend or sister or something, who was just as ridiculously fucking hot and they seemed so synchronously at ease, making me feel even more subdued and torn. After pulling me in with my hair, they dragged me into the living room, handcuffed me, threw me on the floor and forced me to get undressed. I have this thing where I try and make jokes and smile as a defence mechanism to try and downplay the intensity of the situation and calm them down but every time I tried, she proceeded to slap me repetitively, whilst her giggling friend whose hurling venomous verbal abuse holds my face in place. I've never felt anything so real in all my life. Little did I know that they were taming me for a brutal interrogation. My thing is owing them money, so they were very angry. They made me stand in the middle of the living room whilst they started barraging me with questions. I'm a bit of a pussy who flinches before impact, you cant do that here, if you flinch, look in the wrong direction or don't speak in the right tone you'll get beaten, either slapped, canned, electrocuted you don't know. God help you if you don't answer the question correctly. It was the most exhilarating experience ever. In enduring an hour of this I succumbed and begged her to stop. She managed my emotions like a pro, she pushes you to the brink but intuitively pulls back when she's reached that thin line. After all is said and done, we chilled out a little and you wouldn't know it but she is really cool, funny and somebody you can be an open book with, I trust her wholeheartedly to make this a long term thing and go with her flow. If you're looking for something real, potent and enduring I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the one and only Miss Sandra.

October 2016

Such a sexy and gorgeous woman. I was drowning in her eyes as she stared into mine. She makes you feel naked in more ways than one. Intoxicating European accent. Could listen to her telling me what to do forever. Looked amazing in a skirt and blouse office look I hoped for and slipped into unbelievable hot black heels before we started that I was honoured to kiss at the end. Very easy to talk to before the session and extremely generous with accommodating a full role play rather than the usual BDSM session. Immaculate flat and all the equipment. Very stylish indeed. A dream come true so badly wanted to please her.

October 2016

Having spoken to Mistress Sandra through AW on a number of occasions and over some time, I finally plucked up the courage to visit. I have had some experience previously but this was over 10 years since I sessioned. I was not disappointed. On arrival I was met by the stunnning Mistress Sandra who's pictured don't do justice. We then sat on balcony while Mistress Smoked two cigarettes discussing limits and likes (one of which is a smoking fetish). Little did I know this was the start as she blew smoke in my face and ordered me to inhale and take her ash on my tongue. We then went into the flat where I was ordered to strip and came into the play space. I then experienced electrics for the first time, chastity for the first time and proceeded with a spankingly good time. I must say the boot worship was amazing. Also discovering my inner slut was a supprise. She took care of me from the start as I slipped into sub space right till the end bringing me down from my high. I cannot recommend Mistress Sandra enough. I think she may of opened the flood gates as I feel another session coming on. Thank you

November 2016

I have seen many mistresses in many cities over the last 20 years and finally I have found the best. No need for me to ever visit another mistress as long as Mistress Sandra is in town. Quite simply 90 minutes of heaven & hell that flew by oh too quickly. 90 minutes of pain interjected by awesome pleasure but always back to pain again to remind me just why I was here with this beautiful goddess. Starting with my backside being punished by hand, tawse, flogger and hairbrush where I am pleased to say that I think I took as much as Mistress could give. I was then restrained spread eagled on the bed and given electro torture on my cock and balls whilst being intermittently suffocated beneath the most delightful bottom that I have ever had the pleasure of coming into contact with. I usually treat myself to a session with a mistress every few months but now I have discovered Mistress Sandra it will be every couple of weeks

December 2016

Only word I can use to discribe mistress Sandra is wow she made me feel so comfortable even though I had never met her and had never seen a mistress and indulged in my fantasies before and boy I'm glad I did she is amazing and I can't wait to see her again she popped my anal cherry and it was phenomenal will definitely see her again asap she is perfection

February 2017

Visited Mistress Sandra when she held a Double Domme day with the wonderful Miss Hayley Bond, who I'd met previously. Always slightly wary when visiting a new Mistress, but she's a lot of fun to submit to - very attractive, looked the part in the outfit she wore, and has a very good collection of whips and canes to satisfy a CP fan like me! Premises are discreet and easy to find. She has a range of other toys (clamps, violet wand etc) to vary the action, and although the session I had was quite informal (sensation play rather than roleplay or high protocol) she'll make sure you know who's in charge, and is quite capable of inflicting punishment. Her and Miss Hayley were a great tag team, but I'd be quite happy to submit to Mistress Sandra alone on a future occasion.

April 2017

Amazing sessions with the amazing and beautiful Mistress Sandra. She is so welcoming, and makes you feel at ease the moment you enter her domain, and then so professional with her work as she shows us who's boss.Loved every second spent and would certainly recommend.Hoping to book a session this weekend should she permit.

April 2017

I feel very lucky to have had a session with Mistress Sandra. She is understandably in great demand and is extremely selective. I have been sessioning for a long time and this is a Lady and a session I will never forget.Amongst her many many skills is her unparalleled ability and technique with the single tail.A true Mistresses