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My name is Mistress Petrana, a young Czech Mistress and fetish model available for online and realtime sessions. Ever since My early childhood I realised I was different from the other girls. I was, and still am, very stubborn and fiery. While I was in puberty I discovered reading and it became one of My passions. I was fascinated by the strong willed, independent women I read about. Women with dangerous powers, women who always knew what they wanted, queens of manipulation. I've read countless stories about these Femme Fatales.

As a young teen I got involved in the Gothic scene and it did't take long before I discovered BDSM and Femdom. I was amazed by the beauty and elegance of genuine Power Exchange. Being a high class Femme Myself, I have always felt attracted to the high class lifestyle that Female Domination brings Me. Besides My passion for reading I also frequently visit the theatre, opera, an interesting exhibition or other cultural event.

Owning slaves comes very natural to Me and I can't imagine a world without My loyal admirers. I teach My slaves and guide them through their spiritual growth. I can be very strict and demanding and punish severely when necessary, never for pleasure. Be aware that Female Domination to Me is not a fantasy world, but a very real lifestyle experience, so be warned before contacting Me!

Many of you have been asking Me about My physique, so here is some information:

height: 179cm (5ft 11")

shoes: 39/40 EU (6.5 UK, 8.5 US)

weight: 59kg (130lbs)

waist: 59cm (24")

hips: 96cm (38")

I have very long hair, currently it's just over classic length. That means it is just past My bottom, but I am growing it even longer. I also keep My nails all natural and long, have a look at My photos for more details.

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