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My name is Mistress Petrana, a young Czech Mistress and fetish model available for online and realtime sessions. Ever since My early childhood I realised I was different from the other girls. I was, and still am, very stubborn and fiery. While I was in puberty I discovered reading and it became one of My passions. I was fascinated by the strong willed, independent women I read about. Women with dangerous powers, women who always knew what they wanted, queens of manipulation. I've read countless stories about these Femme Fatales.

As a young teen I got involved in the Gothic scene and it did't take long before I discovered BDSM and Femdom. I was amazed by the beauty and elegance of genuine Power Exchange. Being a high class Femme Myself, I have always felt attracted to the high class lifestyle that Female Domination brings Me. Besides My passion for reading I also frequently visit the theatre, opera, an interesting exhibition or other cultural event.

Owning slaves comes very natural to Me and I can't imagine a world without My loyal admirers. I teach My slaves and guide them through their spiritual growth. I can be very strict and demanding and punish severely when necessary, never for pleasure. Be aware that Female Domination to Me is not a fantasy world, but a very real lifestyle experience, so be warned before contacting Me!

Many of you have been asking Me about My physique, so here is some information:

height: 179cm (5ft 11")

shoes: 39/40 EU (6.5 UK, 8.5 US)

weight: 59kg (130lbs)

waist: 59cm (24")

hips: 96cm (38")

I have very long hair, currently it's just over classic length. That means it is just past My bottom, but I am growing it even longer. I also keep My nails all natural and long, have a look at My photos for more details.

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September 2017

This month I had the honour of visiting the ravishing Mistress Petrana. We met in at a dungeon in The Hague, called Doma. The room was quite spacious and contained lots of playthings. And not unimportant, it was very clean. As this was our first meeting, we had a conversation in which we discussed limits and wishes. As the session would be mostly foot worship, limits where not really of importance this time. I had the most amazing foot worship session. Mistress Petrana is, quite simply, beautiful. She has very nice feet with long toes. She instructed me to smell them and after that she gave me permission the kiss them. The Mistress lied on the couch, looking down on me kneeling at her feet and kissing her toes. This session was all about her feet, but there are many things available at the dungeon and I'm sure I will be back to subject myself to Mistress Petrana.