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Mistress E www.goo.gl/osAL2b

United States - Tennessee

Come train as a pet with a true Domina of 20 years...  Mistress E is powerful and perfect and to serve her is a great pleasure.  Mistress E specializes in long term pet ownership and enjoys building deep connections with pets and pushing pets past their perceived limitations.

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August 2017

Wow!!! Where do I start with sharing my incredible journey to-date with Mistress E?! I suppose the beginning would be the best place to start. I messaged her because of some info a friend of mine in Florida gave me. I had absolutely zero knowledge of a Mistress/pet relationship. In the past I have heard of people being in them but never asked questions - so I had some uneasiness messaging someone I've never met. We set a time and place. Upon meeting - She IMMEDIATELY put me at ease with a kind smile and beautiful discerning eyes. She asked about my fantasies, my expectations, and why I had messaged her. Being a new guy to the world of Dom/Sub I had a hard time totally articulating some of these things; however, she has a way to pierce straight to the need. I've now been seeing her about three months regularly. Our sessions are never the same. I've learned and experienced something new with every single session. I have quickly been corrected when I say or do something that dissatisfied her; yet she is so generous with the rewards she gives it makes everything worthwhile. One session I displeased Mistress E because I was not a good pet, but she was so kind and understanding. She explained exactly why she was unhappy with me, and I was so appreciative of her benevolence towards me that I told myself I never wanted to displease her again.In all sincerity her capacity as a mistress is amazing. She is smart, kind, funny, and absolutely beautiful. I learn something every time I visit. She listens to your wants and needs; then pushes you past what you had even thought about. I thoroughly enjoy my time with her. Hands-down the best part is when you catch her captivating smile and you know you've made her happy.

August 2017

Lets just say she has me in chastity 24/7 and I now totally belong to her!! I believe this is going to be a long term arrangement or at least I will be working very hard to service her in order to make her happy. As of now some of my duties are cleaning, vacuuming, toilets and showering. I am sure she has many more in store for me.