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I am Mistress Eva. The Elite International Dominatrix. I am the ultimate in erotic, intuitive and seriously playful domination. I know what I want, and I know how to get it. You WILL Please Me. I began my career at Salon Kitty’s in Sydney, Australia. These early days taught me well. I was trained under the guidance of some of the best Pro Dommes in the world. For that I am eternally grateful.

Since then I have moved on and continued to refine my own craft. I have hosted sessions from Berlin to Cape Town, London to Singapore - and back. I have trained submissives and slaves, playthings and paypigs - and it has all given me great, great pleasure.

My interests are diverse and include anal play, biting, chastity, CBT, collaring, domestic duties, edging, exhibitionism, foot worship, forced feminisation, GS, humiliation, objectification, ruined orgasms, prostate play, slave training, spanking, strap-on, spitting, tie and tease and toilet training.

We will begin our time together by going over your desires, limits and the safe word of the day. We will end each session with you gagging for more...

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October 2017

Mistress is simply Devine - she is beautiful, graceful and intelligent. She has a natural authority and style that instantly takes control and she understands how to manipulate and torment in the most delicious way. I highly recommend Mistress and can’t wait to please her and be used by her again and again. Slave M Singapore

December 2017

When I first met Mistress Eva I was stunned by how beautiful she was and instantly nervous. She had a collection of toys in her hotel room and she asked me what I thought those were for. I responded with to use on me? To which she corrected me, saying the proper response was, "whatever you like" From this point on, I knew I was beneath this woman. She was meant to rule and I was so happy to be under her. The pain I felt at times was above what I thought I could take, but I didn't dare to use the safe word, cause I couldn't bear the thought of disappointing her. I remember everything so vividly to this day to and have been waiting for her to come out of retirement. From the way, it felt for her to enter me. (To this day, she is the only one), the taste of her saliva, the taste of the bottom of her shoe and stocking feet. The feeling of being her chair. And how even though I wasn't able to cum from the ties she used on my genitals. I was more than prepared to lick it off the floor as she commanded that I would have to do it was to finish. And lastly, she took me to the shower and urinated on me. I don't even know if I asked for it. Nor did I know how blessed I could feel to have her do that, but I was ready to become her toilet if she commanded.The hardest thing I did that day was leave. I would have done anything to stay and be her slave for her entire visit. Tied up and used whenever she wanted for whatever she liked. Ms Eva is a true Goddess.