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United Kingdom - Bristol

Mistress Demonica of Bristol Sessions 21 years old, I am Statuesque standing at 5ft 8inches with My beautiful bare feet, I have short blonde hair and silky porcelain skin. I'm slim and shapely wearing a size 8 dress. I am told I'm extremely beautiful. I am a Lady, and as such, demand respect and obedience from the creatures who visit Me to worship, admire and serve.

My idea of fun is to have a naked male creature, held in position by a leash attached to its bollocks, with My left arm, whilst My right holds a thin whippy cane that I lash down onto its tensed, naked buttocks. Tensed in a futile attempt to relieve the stress felt by its restrained balls.

Or maybe have a creature kneel on the floor whilst I use its mouth as My ashtray. Then have it bend over My stool whilst I take it roughly from behind with My strap-on. After all, if it requested it, it can take it how I like to administer it. If it proves itself worthy it may get a rewarding tickle behind the ear with perfectly manicured nails or a gentle whisper of acknowledgement. No matter what you will ALWAYS succumb to Me.

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