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United States - California

Quietly I observe you, watching, listening, studying you. You don't realize you are my subject. You see me, but think nothing of the unassuming young beauty before you. I allow you to catch my eye, you see a glimmer of the depth I hold within and a devilish twinkle that both entices and frightens you.

I offer you an opportunity to earn my appreciation for your devotion to me, but you must please me from the beginning. I know what you want. I can read your mind; I can read your body... I know how to get the reaction I'm looking for and the results I desire, the release you seek. You are my plaything, give yourself to me completely. Please me. Do as I say. Do not disobey me.  Do not come to me thinking you are worthy; come to me with the most sincere desire to have an intense and truly memorable experience. I will separate your mind from your body and take you places you've never been through total and complete domination.

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