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Domination, Humiliation, Roleplay, online and real life Training, Financial Control, Filming, Consensual Blackmail, Foot Fetish with a Stunning Czech Goddess. If you wish to purchase film clips of Mistress Arella please click on the following link


Mistress Arella is currently taking bookings in Prague.

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October 2010
I would highly recommend Mistress Arella. I have been served her for a while and can say that she is a beautiful, very open-minded and experienced Mistress who (unlike some Mistresses) always takes account of what the submissive wants from a session/service. She is also very good at online services for slaves who cannot visit her/book a session.
October 2010
I first met with Mistress Arella 6 months ago and have had 4 subsequent meetings. Mistress Arella is more beautiful than the photographs on her website imply. Her English is excellent and she is very efficient in handling bookings and responding to emails. Having previously seen over 15 other Mistresses I can say that I would not want to enslave myself to anyone else.
January 2011

I would wholeheartedly recommend Mistress Arella. Even more beautiful in person than in images, She is highly intelligent and very professional. All emails were replied to very quickly and instructions were crystal clear. Mistress Arella was very understanding and careful throughout our session and took great care to ensure that all was well. Skilled with many implements, I enjoyed every minute. Any slave would be lucky to serve Her.

February 2011

A former OWK lady from Prague, dishing out eastern discipline to the decadent west! She travels to London often and New York I believe. As some have commented, some of her pictures do not do her justice. She definitely looks better in person! Perfect English, and is very prompt in handling emails and bookings. All I can say is, her slaps were hard! If you've seen any OWK videos, those are the kind of face slaps that you will be getting. Right across the face, full force. She doesn't hold back and was always accurate, bulls eye on the cheek. I wouldn't recommend a full session of face slaps though, your head might just pop off. Accommodating, and takes care of what the sub/slave desires.

November 2011

How I became slave of Mistress Arella I was excited to no end as I was to meet my new owner face to face for the first time, but my excitement was getting more and more intermixed with panic as I was running through the unfamiliar area of town looking for the given address. Feeling like an utter fool for deleting the SMS with instructions by accident, I turned the last corner and finally was there, furious with myself for being a few minutes late and somewhat vary of a coming punishment. Mistress Arella, stunning beautiful brunette clad in tight leather outfit, was fortunately in very good mood and gave me few moments to compose myself while she was guiding me downstairs into her modern spacious dungeon. We went through several doors on our way to the main room full of implements of torture and as the doors locked behind me, I felt more and more at mercy of the slim lady who seemed to be neither disturbed nor surprised by my pledge to become her personal slave and accepted it with slightly amused expression on Her face. It must have meant something like "you have no idea what you are getting yourself into" and I loved Her and the idea of relinquishing total control of my life to Her instantly. She must have felt what was happening in my head and became suddenly strict and left no doubt in my mind, who was in charge. I was ordered to strip naked and her stern face expression was once again replaced by that knowing smile as she checked that her instruction to wear chastity belt was followed. She pulled on the lock and purred "All mine, are you not? Is it tight, slave?" She was mockingly looking at me for a while, considering my pleading eyes begging Her to release me from the chastity belt and smiled cruelly "Maybe later, if you behave, slave". Deeply in love, I received my collar as a sign of personal slavery and was bound to one of the pieces of furniture and my trip into submission began. Much later, after spending what felt like hours of pain and some brief moments of pleasure, my new owner seemed to be somewhat pleased with my efforts to take all punishment she decided to dish out and smiled. "You may be trainable, slave. You still have long way to go, but I am pleased with your efforts. You deserve a little treat." With that, she made me peel a banana, ordered me to lie on the floor and started slowly chewing on the banana, challenge sparkling in her eyes. I could smell her fragrance, I watched her lips moving only inches from my face and felt the intimacy of the moment as she started spitting the banana into my willing mouth and I was happy to belong to Her.

November 2011

Going to Prague is always one of my favorite trips of the year. This time I also wanted to go to a party, so while I was searching for a fetish club or BDSM party in Prague, I stumbled upon the website of Mistress Arella. I had never seen her before and was immediately amazed by her. So I figured, why not send her an e-mail, and so I did. She replied very fast and before I knew it, we had arranged a meeting. A couple of weeks later and the day had finally come. That evening I went to the studio and saw her for the first time in person. There she was, in a tight, black leather outfit. I have to say, the pictures of Mistress Arella look amazing, but that is absolutely nothing compared to when you see her in person, such a beautiful woman! We had a quick talk, but apparently she got impatient and ordered me to take of all my clothes. Being a bit overwhelmed by the sudden change in conversation, I wasn’t fast enough so she helped me to get undressed quicker. As soon as I was fully naked, she tied me up. In this totally helpless position, I wasn’t able to move at all. She started to torture my cock and balls and teased me for quite some time. After that she untied me and made me lick her beautiful, high heeled, leather boots. Of course I had to be corrected from time to time to lick them properly, just the way she wanted it. She told me to take off her boots and wash her lovely feet. Then I was allowed to massage these wonderful, soft feet and her calves. It seemed that she really enjoyed that, she even gave me a compliment on my performance. It gave me great pleasure being able to make Mistress Arella happy. Time went by really fast, you know what they say about fun and flying time… So after what seemed to have been minutes, our time in the dungeon was unfortunately over. However, after the session we went to a restaurant where I got to know Mistress Arella a little bit. The dinner and wine were very nice, and we talked for a couple of hours. All in all, I had an amazing time with Mistress Arella. She is such a wonderful woman, really intelligent and entertaining, an absolute joy to be around. Simply the best! I can’t wait to go back to Prague and meet her again soon. B.

January 2012

My first session with Mistress Arella Some time ago I noticed Her picture on the internet but it was only at the beginning of this year that I become aware of it again. I soon decided that I wanted to see Her and made an appointment. The trip to Prague by train was nice, though I became more and more nervous as I approached Prague. Having arrived, the directions were perfect and a taxi from the station to the dungeon was not a problem. I rang the bell and Mistress opened the door. My first impression: unbelievable – what an amazing woman! Great figure, flowing hair, a winning smile, courteous, and dressed in black leather. After we had talked a couple of things through, She said, “I will now begin the session…” My experience of Mistress Arella in a session is much like when the sun rises. Her smile, Her eyes – they sparkle and shine. She has incredible charisma and there is so much more; more than words can describe – it is almost overwhelming. Her knowledge of her craft is excellent and her technique consistent throughout – She is a top class dominatrix. Every cent that you could wish to spend on a session is worth twice that. Would I recommend Mistress Arella? It could perhaps sum it up thus: for me there is no better Mistress. H.

January 2013

As I approached the dungeon, a mixture of expectation, joy, and fear made my heart beat faster. I decided to walk to my 10:30 appointment instead of taking a taxi. At 10:29 my anxiety rose, as I still had not found the address. I did not want to make my Mistress wait. One minute later my mobile rang. Mistress Arella was calling me to ask where I was just as I reached the right place.

When I entered the dungeon, I saw my beautiful Mistress waiting in the hall. She told me in a strict, yet calm tone: "you are two minutes late." I began to sweat. I gave Her a bag of restraining props I had ordered from Her Wishlist. I was stripped naked and the session began. Mistress ordered me to kneel in front of Her so that She could strap a leather muzzle over my face. It fit well.

She then used the armbinder, one of the props I brought Her, to bind my arms behind my back. Lastly, She tied my ankles together. I felt fully controlled by my Mistress. She then attached two nipple clamps with bells onto my nipples. Mistress wanted to hear some music which She achieved by a kick to my balls. The two bells rang nicely.

Later the nipple clamps were replaced by another pair. Each of these new clamps had four small but extremely sharp teeth. The pain was almost unbearable and my nipples remained sensitive for several days after the session. At this point Mistress took some soft props and caressed my body. The contrast between the pain on my nipples and the caress on my skin felt strange. She then moved Her interest to my half-erect cock and slapped it.

I was then secured to bondage table by a few layers of thick plastic foil. Mistress disappeared from my view for a few seconds; when She returned, She was holding a small bottle of perfume. She sprayed some of its contents onto Her skin and leaned over me. The scent together with the sight of my beautiful Mistress, so close yet so unreachable made my cock very hard (although normally when I´m nervous I have problems getting fully hard).

A few seconds later, Mistress grabbed a pair of scissors and freed my cock from its plastic prison. I wondered what She was up to as I couldn't see Her. A sudden, sharp pain on my cock made me squirm! I realized Mistress was dripping hot wax on my erect and sensitive cock. When She was done, I was released and made to kneel before Her again, this time, with my arms held together with a special leather mono cuff; another item from Her wishlist. I did not know it at that point, but I was about to be tortured with something I had not experienced before - the Violet Wand. It is an electrical device which provides mild to severe sensation depending on the particular wand. When Mistress took the most painful of the Wands and brought it to the tip of my cock, I could no longer hold my position and had to bend my legs.

Afterwards, She removed the muzzle from my face and ordered me to kiss Her boots, which I did with great pleasure. The session was over. Mistress freed me from all remaining restraints and gave me a glass of water. Then I was given the task of disinfecting everything I had touched. Unfortunately, Mistress wasn´t completely happy with the way I cleaned the kneeling mat. I always feel remorse whenever I displease my Mistress.

August 2014

Reviewer details : Male slave aged 38 years old (London)

I am an experienced slave and have sessioned with some very well known London & UK Mistresses over a period of 21 years, so I was intrigued and excited when Mistress Arella announced that she would be visiting London. I knew of Mistress Arella from when she previously lived in London and thought my chance to serve her had been missed when she moved back to Prague. I have also seen her movies filmed at Femme Fatale Films & The English Mansion which made me realise that the Femdom style she provides would be perfect for the sessions I enjoy.

The initial email contact was made and after a few exchanges the booking was confirmed. A very pleasant and simple process. I then offered to be Mistress Arella's chauffeur from Heathrow airport to the premises she would be staying.

Mistress Arella was instantly recognisable when she arrived at Heathrow and was strikingly beautiful as her Website Gallery already shows. It is often said but in this case it is very true, she is even more beautiful in the flesh. The drive to London was pleasant and we had a pleasant chat. Although Mistress Arella is naturally dominant she is a lovely person to talk to, very intelligent and classy which I believe is very sexy in a lady.

Now for the two day wait for my session, it was very difficult to concentrate at work as the session was the only thing on my mind, now I had seen and spoken to Mistress Arella I was even more excited about the session. My stomach had butterflies, which does not normally happen to me to this extent.

The day of the session arrived. I was greeted at the door by Mistress Arella, who was wearing a lovely short Leather dress, black stocking, knee length Leather boots & a lovely black top. Her black hair looked stunning as it covered the full length of her back. I already knew the next two hours were going to be out of this world.

Now I have sessioned in fully equipped dungeons and some Mistresses have struggled to be imaginative even with all of the equipment available. Mistress Arella's premises was a Domestic setting which had 2 small bedrooms available. Obviously Mistress Arella had brought along some toys to torment me with, but it was going to take truly skilled Mistress to provide one of the best sessions I have ever had.

I will not go into full detail about the session, but the session did involve the following :-

Dog Collar & Lead
Foot Massage
Foot Worship
Leg Worship
Tie & Tease
Nipple torture
Dirty Panty fetish

The session was one of the best sessions I have experienced in 21 years of being a slave, the imagination of Mistress Arella with the limitations of a Domestic setting was inspired. The session delivered everything that I enjoy in a session and I believe Mistress Arella also enjoyed the session. I truly hope that I can serve Mistress Arella again and my personal goal is to impress Mistress Arella enough in order that I can become an owned slave.

The end...........No, Mistress Arella accepted my invitation to lunch and chose the Four Seasons Restaurant in Canary Wharf. We both enjoy Seafood and chose some lovely dishes and again had a pleasant chat. Mistress Arella spoke openly about being a Pro Domme. This was a pleasant surprise as with my previous Mistress everything was always 100% business and no interaction was ever had outside of a session.

Mistress Arella is truly a lovely lady, friendly, intelligent, sophisticated and has Class with a wicked dominant streak. Approach Mistress Arella with respect and the rewards will make your dreams become a reality.

September 2014

Having had the pleasure of recently meeting Mistress Arella, I can honest say that her photos don't do her justice, and are a like life representation of how she really looks.

With the kind of natural beauty that would be the envy of most women; tall, slender, with legs that go on for ever... (or so it seems when kneeling behind them) and beautiful long hair - Mistress Arella is very adept at using her body to tease and frustrate her subs.

Whilst I was a little awestruck by her beauty when I met her, Mistress Arella is very good at relaxing nervous subs and soon puts you at ease.

The location Mistress Arella was using was "Compact", however a lot of different activities were incorporated into the 90 minute session, which was delivered with a perfect blend of strictness and humour.

I was also fortunate enough to serve her as a personal sub performing several errands for her. Instructions were clear and timely, whilst still treating me as a human with respect - which is not always the case with some Dommes these days.

Even when things weren't quite according to plan (e.g. heavy traffic on the run back to the airport) Mistress Arella, appeared calm and took everything in her stride emerging at the other end looking every inch the professional dominant that she is - even in casual attire.

If you get the chance to session with Mistress Arella either here, in other countries or in her home city - it's worth doing as she is worth every penny.

Thank you for a lovely session. s