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Miss Sheri Darling www.SheriDarling.com

United States - California

I'm Dominant Fetishist & a fun loving free spirit. I tease & torment kinky perverts in Orange County, Los Angeles & wherever I may be traveling.. so keep up..

Have you been looking for the perfect Latina Domme to serve? I am completely different than any other you have served or met: Sweet with a sadistic streak. Are you looking to indulge in some kinky playtime? Or are you looking to submit to a demanding Mistress to serve on a regular basis ~politely request an opportunity to serve Me & lets play..

All sessions are held in a fully equipped play space, complete with all the right tools to tease and/or torment you.. My skills are in legal BDSM only.

Let's get kinky~ Strict to sensual, either way youll obey..

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September 2015

I had the privilege of attending a Mistress play party with 14 beautiful Mistresses at the Ivy Manor Studios in Los Angeles in March 2015.  Two weeks prior to the event, I planned on taking one day each (14 Mistresses, 14 days) to research each Mistress so I would know whom I wanted to serve. On the third day, I seen a picture of Miss Sheri Darling and I was astonished by her beauty. When I went to her website, I clicked her about me link (http://www.sheridarling.com/#!aboutme/ctzx) and I knew I wanted to serve her at the play party. Needless to say, I didn't need to research any of the other Mistresses. I spent the remaining days thinking and stroking about the opportunity to meet and serve Miss Sheri Darling. 

On the day of the play party, I arrived on time and immediately looked for Miss Sheri Darling. As I looked around the manor, I found the beautiful Miss Sheri Darling she was dressed in an amazing red latex dress talking to Mistresses Aiden Starr and Eden Winter (talk about WOW!). I patiently waited for the Mistresses to stop talking then with knots in my stomach I slowly approached Miss Sheri Darling. Miss Sheri Darling gave me the nicest warmest smile and she really put me at ease as we communicated. I then went on to tell Miss Sheri Darling that I respectfully request to serve her for the evening and luckily for me, she accepted my submission. I immediately found myself naked, kneeling with nipple clamps in front of Miss Sheri Darling as she questioned me about my likes and dislikes (limits). After Miss Sheri Darling went over my limits, Miss Sheri Darling placed her me<x>tal collar around my neck with a leash and then a me<x>tal spiked chastity cage on my penis. Miss Sheri Darling gave me a tug and I was led to a whipping post. When I got to the whipping post, Miss Sheri secured my wrists and introduced me to all her favorite paddles, canes, floggers and single tails. The marks she left on my back and ass lasted for a week. One last note, I like to think I知 a tough guy since I知 fit, been in the Marines, and been to a few wars but Miss Sheri Darling broke my as down on that whipping post. She had me in tears but she also embraced me while I was secured on the whipping post.

This party was incredible. Miss Sheri Darling played with me for 3 hours and it felt like twenty minutes because I was having so much fun serving Miss Sheri Darling. Throughout the party, I was higher than a kite because Miss Sheri Darling had me in sub space. When the party ended, I drove home and couldn稚 wait to stroke to an amazing night. I went to Miss Sheri Darling痴 website to look at her beautiful pictures while I stroked but I stumbled upon her slave application. I was so overjoyed with the thought of possibly being Miss Sheri Darling痴 slave that I filled out that application instantly. Miss Sheri Darling responded the following day and my life has never been the same.

September 2015

Miss Sheri Darling is by far one of the most intense Domme's I've ever had the pleasure of sessioning with. As soon as she walks in the room you're weak...you know that she has the power and you're more then willing to give it to her. The experience and knowledge she has of Domination and bdsm play will make her stay in your mind and always keep you thinking of her. My far Miss Sheri Darling is one of the best Pro Dominatrix I've ever been too.

July 2016

I have been visiting Sheri for several years now. Whilst many claim to be addictive and to cast a spell from which you can't escape, only Miss Sheri actually delivers on this. I have been able to give everyone else up but I remain utterly addicted to her. There is something about her voice that makes me utterly crave her. It is hypnotic and endlessly compelling. When she idly suggests or whispers things into my ear, it rapidly becomes poison and slides into my veins and mingles with my bloodstream. I find myself craving things I had never even considered just because of her suggestion. She's turned me into an ashtray, made me crave golden showers, got me into cuckolding, made me a panty wearing sissy. All the time my devotion to her grows and deepens. I genuinely cannot imagine my life without her and find myself seriously considering moving near her so I can devote myself to her service more fully. The more I talk to her the more divine she starts to become until my mind becomes consumed with thoughts of being her full time live in devoted servant. I have never craved, obssessed over, desired or abandoned myself to a woman as I do to her. The latest thought she has implanted into my compliant brain is to get my cock pierced and to attach the piercing to a chastity device. And it took seconds for that to become a deep craving. I truly believe my life will find its way to a point where I am her collared property and all from a succession of phone calls over the years. I cannot recommend her enough. She is the real deal. A domme who will dismantle your ego, your defences, and reduce you to a compliant willing puppet who dances at her whim.