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My name is Miss Cameo; I adore living in a world of pleasure and pain. This is who I am and what I do in both my personal and professional life! I love what I do and I only do what I love!
I have no need to prove my dominance to you, I do not need to assume a role to be able to control you, I do not need to shout, swear or cause you pain to show you my power - you already know I am in charge when you simply look into my deep green eyes.
My very body and voice are exquisite weapons and will tame you subtly, unless I choose to take your submission by force.
My voice will bewitch your very soul and my touch will seduce any who feels its hypnotic and dangerous caress.

You do not have to be a submissive or slave to visit me nor do you need any kind of experience as I am happy to see dominants (for instruction or training), switches (who need to be topped for a change), submissives, slaves, fetishists, kinky people, newcomers and the curious.
Domination does not have to be about pain, marks or physical abuse!  
It can be the most subtle and soft experience as well as a strict, severe or intense scene.
Domination means different things to everyone but one thing always remains - it is an art and one I am exquisitely skilled in.

I want to hear your reactions - be they laughter, tears or seeing your eyes soft with adoration for me. Your reactions are what turn me on and I intend to see them all.

You will trust me with your life, and in return I will mould and train you into my perfect plaything, submissive or slave, caring where required and making you suffer when I so choose.

You will love me, adore me, fear me, hate me but crave and desire my attentions be they cold, cruel, painful or sensual.  

But most of all you will serve me any way I desire and through this submit your all in its entirety with perfect love and perfect trust.

I am your Mistress.

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November 2009
I have been visiting Pro Dommes for about 20 years including some very famous names. Without doubt, Miss Cameo is the best I have visited. I started seeing her about 5 months ago and have since done 7 sessions. Unlike many, she is a true lifestyle Dominatrix and is truly passionate about what she does and is genuinely interested in a real power exchange. Miss Cameo has incredible perception and empathy and uses this to explore all your emotions and desires. She really is an outstanding woman.
November 2009
Miss Cameo appeared for our session dressed in the most wonderful clothes, including a sexy pair of thigh-high leather boots with heels straight out of my fantasies.  Her manner was friendly and professional and we soon established a rapport and set some limits for the session - while I didn't mind being grazed I didn't want to be deeply cut.  I instantly found myself able to trust Miss Cameo and knew she would respect the limits while not being afraid to bestow the kind of pain I wanted. From her side, I was only to touch Miss Cameo, or the divine leather boots, once I'd been given permission to do so. Soon I was bending over the whipping bench preparing myself for the beginning of the caning I had asked for.  Miss Cameo began with a thick, lightweight kooboo cane, lashing it across both buttocks with accuracy and enthusiasm.  As I endured set after set of six or twelve strokes, groaning and flinching with the exquisite pain, she chose cane after cane from her large collection.  Miss Cameo has herself been the willing recipient of canings from these implements, so has a connoisseur's knowledge of the effects - she was able to describe to me what a particular cane was going to feel like, and showed her glee at my reactions to the feelings by laughing at me - Miss Cameo made no secret at all about the fact that she was thoroughly enjoying my torment. Towards the end of the caning I was asked if I was willing to accept the PVC canes, which are severe.  Of course I said yes and bent to take three sets of unbelievable, cutting, heavy strokes, a set from each PVC cane, carefully aimed into the parts of my bottom which had not yet needed to be patched up -  hygienically and lovingly - by Miss Cameo.  The final cane, a sturdy black one, hurt immensely.  In Miss Cameo's description of this cane she said it would be a bit like being caned and a bit like being kicked - and she was right, but I loved it and asked for still more. If I'm caned by somebody as graceful, humorous and sensitive to my feelings as Miss Cameo is, I don't care how much it hurts.  She's a virtuoso with the cane, and I'll be back before long.  Thank you Miss Cameo!
November 2009
Review of a maid training and punishment session I am a young maid being sent to Miss Cameo by my owner for retraining.  Miss Cameo has been requested by my owner to retrain me and to punish me ruthlessly if I don't come up to her standards.  Worse than that, she is to punish me even if I do,  to remind me of my place.  And, well, just because she can. My first visit was last week.   After she had tidied up my outfit - knickers, blouse, suspenders and stockings she set me to work.  She chose her light but vicious cane at first and as I bent, stooped and toiled she laced my backside with strokes of her cane - sometimes one, sometimes several.   If she left the room and came back to find her instructions not followed it was worse - knickers down, over the couch and then she sat quickly astride me and lay on four or five sharp strokes. In the end she had had enough of me and wanted to express her irritation.   Her dark eyes showed no sympathy for me and nothing but contempt as I cleaned my way up the stairs with her delivering sharp strokes long-ways down my buttocks and biting the top of my thighs, on the way up to the punishment room. Once there it turned nasty - over the trestle for a good whipping with her long leather single tail.  Then legs astride as she whipped in some vicious strokes on my soft inner thighs.  Then over the bench for a sharp caning for moving too much (after a ten minute wait - in position). Next she stood in front of me as I put my hands on my head and as she looked on impassively I had to suffer a thrashing on my flanks. Finally - and most scary I was secured on my back to the bed with soft rope - thoroughly tied - and treated to about 15 strokes across the fronts of my poor thighs.  She towered over me curling the cane down.  Clearly she enjoyed crushing the last of my spirit. She put me through my paces and I have suffered at her hands.  All my hindquarters have felt her simmering anger.  In a week the marks have nearly gone and my next visit looms large.  She has a heart of darkness and is the undoubted queen of domination.  Beautiful, young, cruel and stylish.