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United Kingdom - Hampshire

My name is Madame Luna and I am a Pro-Domme based in Hampshire but am happy to travel across the UK and Europe. I can be booked for Real Time Meets and/or online domination. I want to point out that I will meet you once you have booked. I will NEVER take money in advance or make demands for ‘tributes’ before a session.

I am a Madame and not a Mistress, that means that I enjoy dishing out abuse and humiliation, but also like My slaves to satisfy Me sexually. Body worship is a MUST! I am currently looking for submissive men, sissies, women or couples to serve Me in booked sessions. 

I have been working as a Pro-Domme full-time for three years and in this time have held a lot of interesting sessions, all of which I have enjoyed greatly. 

Every sub, slave, sissy I see is different, and as such the sessions are individually tailored to each booking.

I believe that sessions are more enjoyable if they are tailored to the individual. I know what I like, do you? It is no good coming to Me and saying that you want to try strap-on training if you know you hate anal play! So if it is your first session with Me I shall sit you down and discuss what will happen during our time together. Then after the session I will ask you what you enjoyed and what you want from the next session. After all, these sessions are meant to be fun for both of us!

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Madame Luna Reviews (Post a Review)

November 2012

Madame Luna is a beautiful woman who completely understands the dynamic of BDSM and is very dominant behind a quiet exterior. She is to be believed when She says that She gets pleasure and amusement from Her slaves.
Madame dominates me continuously on a daily basis by email, and i have had one cam and one real-time session with Her so far.
Madame Luna's email domination shows how inventive She is - i never know what task tomorrow might bring from Her, which is wonderful. She stretches me and keeps me on my toes but never makes it impossible for everyday life to continue. Yes, i have to make time and put effort into pleasing Madame, proving my daily obedience with photographic evidence, but if that was not so it would not be true domination. i am completely enslaved by Madame Luna and recommend Her online domination without reservation - i am turned on but controlled and used by Her constantly - something i have never felt before in years of trying...
The cam session Madame has allowed me was also demanding and incredibly arousing. She made me suffer in various ways and slowly built up my desire to submit and suffer for Her. She played with me and ended by showing Her gorgeous breasts as She demanded my release. That was the first release i had been allowed for 10 days and i had to lick up all my cum and swallow it afterwards. It was a fortnight ago, since when i have not had another...
My first real-time session with Madame started online with the instruction to put on my chastity device in the morning (i was due to see Her at 2:00pm) and wear it on the drive to Her apartment, thinking of nothing but Her and our session as i did so. So i drove down the M3 to Southampton without any music or other distraction - just the thought of finally meeting Madame Luna to keep my mind racing. When i arrived, i called Her as instructed and She gave me final instructions about Her address. She answered the door in ordinary clothes for discretion's sake - Madame's insistence and commitment to discretion is one of the wonderful things about Her - and She put me at my ease. Even though i am a life-long submissive with a long experience of seeing dominatrices, i am always nervous, especially the first time i meet a new one.
Madame was soon dressed in a sexy leather dress and boots for our session. She looked stunning and soon had me standing naked, except for my chastity device, before Her. She slowly inspected my body, running Her hands over me and passing the occasional comment, playing with my nipples and teasing my balls, watching with a little smile as my cock started to strain in its tube.
Then She collared me and manacled my hands behind my back for a session of boot worship and cleaning, instructing me as i did so. i licked and sucked Her boots for what seemed a long time before She allowed me to move up Her legs towards Her pantie-covered mound of venus. After making me wait, She eventually allowed me to press my tongue there on Her panties, breathing Her beautiful aromas.
Then She stood up and blindfolded me, positioned Her gorgeous behind in front of me, released my hands so that i could lean forward without pushing against Her and had me worship Her there - first the globes and then Her sweet crack. i licked and kissed like a man possessed - as i am - and breathed and tasted Her heavenly scents...
When Madame had had enough of that, She removed my blindfold tied me on the bed face up and began teasing me again, making me beg Her to remove my chastity device. Eventually She did so and turned Her teasing to my cock, getting me as aroused as i have ever been in my life, then sitting on my face and telling me i had to beg to cum and, even if She let me, i would have to eat it afterwards. With Madame's pussy and ass on my face and Her hands on my cock, i was soon begging to be allowed to cum and, when She finally gave permission, it was absolutely amazing. She milked it all out of me and then scooped it up with Her hand and pushed it into my mouth...
Then it was time to have a shower and say farewell after an absolutely unhurried hour - i was there more than an hour altogether, although i had only given Madame tribute for an hour.
i can honestly say that Madame Luna is the best dominatrix i have ever served - whether it is by email, online or in person. My experience was clearly tailored to what i told Her were my turn-ons, but i never felt anything other than under Her control and that She was doing things which gave Her pleasure. She deals absolutely fairly with Her slaves in every way and i have no doubt about Her honesty, discretion and, most importantly, the reality of Her enjoyment in dominating slaves. Contact Her - you will not regret it.

December 2012

Madame Luna is an incredibly beautiful, sexy and amazing woman. She fully understands and fullfills the needs of the client. Her professionalism and experience speak for themselves and she is not lying when she says that she seeks pleasure from the sessions as well as pleasure for the client. I felt totally relaxed during the session and really enjoyed the whole experience. Definately would recommend her and will be seeing her again.

January 2013

I am really a novice of this world, as such I tried Madame Luna email domination. Before my five days of email domination started she emailed me to discuss what sort of things I enjoy/ do not enjoy. After a couple of days of humiliating tasks I really wanted a really time session. It was agreed the session was to be on Friday to round off the week. I was instructed to bring a pair of pants with me. I did what I thought I was told to do. But I just had them in my pocket and not wearing them. I was quickly corrected for my mistake. The rest of the session just seemed to pass in a instant, as they say time flys when you are having fun. After the session I had a shower and left. But I feel after all is said and do, the only thing that matters is would you do it again. Yes in a heart beat, in fact I have already signed up for more email domination and I can't wait to see Madame Luna again in the future.

June 2013

I have been an e mail slave of Madame Luna now for what seems like for ever but in reality is just coming up to 8 weeks. And 8 weeks tells a tale in itself! In that time I have become devoted to Madame looking forward every morning with eager excitement, anticipation and mild trepidation! Madame is a most articulate Mistress and her imagination and inventiveness know no bounds and I am hoping that our distance relationship will continue for many more weeks. I have not yet had the privilege or joy of meeting her but I hope that one day we will build up to that. So what is so good about her? Well it is partly her wicked imagination but it is also her practicality. We all have different working patterns and times when we can submit to e mail control. We all have different fetishes and limitations. Yet Madame Luna takes the trouble to understand both and she sets tasks which are stretching, thought provoking and which stirr the emotions. Could I have imagined doing some of the things that she expects? Probably not, but somehow I have this deep desire to want to please, to demonstrate my subservience. In that respect she has entered my soul and I feel a deepening commitment. And every week if I have completed all the tasks to her satisfaction she will allow me release, but always with a teasing tantalising twist! She is a cruel but sensitive and sensual Madame and I can't wait for the day I finally get to meet her. As I said at the beginning I have been serving her in this week for almost 8 weeks and yet she still manages to be creative, demanding yet understanding and flexible and considerate at times where it may not be possible to complete a task within the allotted time. If this isthe type of domination you are seeking look no further than he beautiful Madame Luna. You won't be disappointed, guaranteed.

Slave William

July 2013

I have been an e-mail domination slave of Madame Luna for the last 2 months and never thought for one minute that our relationship would last so long. Bu it has and last week I arranged a real time session with Madame and she promised to put me through my paces! And that she did, bit in a sensuous and sensual way. She had already got to know me through our ongoing e-mail domination and my daily tasks and the day came when my task was to present myself in front of her. She works from discreet premises in a delightful part of the South Coast and as I approached the door with some trepidation and excitement she very quickly put me at my ease but also explained that I wasn't in for an easy time. She was dressed casually for the purposes of neighbourly discretion and after chatting for a few minutes she changed into a bra and panties and it was not long before I was on my knees, collared and with my hands secured behind my back. I was ordered to worship her feet and long slender legs and when she says body worship is a must she means it! She has a divine body and it was a real treat to be allowed to worship it. She said that if I wanted her to remove her panties I had to beg which I did and after worshipping her bottom I was instructed to worship her pussy. By now I was secured on the bed and she gently lowered herself onto my face so that I could continue to worship her under her direct control. My cock was straining in the panties she had made me wear and she expertly brought me to a state of high arousal but made it perfectly clear that I was not allowed to climax. She then decided to play a game involving various foodstuffs which had arisen fro our e-mail sessions and needless to say it was not a game I could win or that I would be allowed to derive any pleasure from. Each time I had to try and choose the lesser of 3 evils whilst all the time my balls were on fire having been anointed with hot sauce similar to Tabasco. Thankfully Madame allowed me to wash it off but the stinging remained for a long time after I left her and served as a constant reminder of my time with her. After the food game which had resulted in me being forced to eat some disgusting food - I didn't dare throw up as I know what would have been expected - it was a return to the body worship and more face sitting which I have to say I really enjoyed but it was perfectly clear that my place was beneath her. She brought me to a shuddering climax during this process and I fully expected to have had to consume my mess but I think she took some pity on me following my earlier food consumption! The time had simply flown by and as I drove home with my balls still stinging I reflected on a wonderful experience at the hands of a beautiful and sensuous Madame. I am delighted that Madame has agreed to see me again in the future and I will be looking forward to our next session. In the meantime I will be maintaining contact through our e-mail sessions.


January 2014

When I originally approached Madame Luna re her email training, as a complete novice I was quite hesitant and apprehensive. She clearly sensed my unease, and her responding emails aside from imparting the requisite information, Madame made sure to put me at ease. After sending payment, she needed me to email my areas of interest I wished to explore, my kinks and fetishes; difficult to relate long and deeply held secret desires to a complete stranger; again she ensured I was very comfortable and relaxed as if it was the most common thing to ask to be humiliated, especially publicly, and to willingly and eagerly beg to be used, abused, degraded-and provide photographic proof of properly completing tasks as well as a written report.

Madame Luna respected my stated limits; she started me off slowly, for one day in any event, then throughout the week incorporated many of my interests in the five tasks for the first week, no task remotely similar to the previous ones; the second week ensued in an identical fashion. Madame was always interested and encouraging, except when a task was not completed to her expected effort and competency by the sub. Madame would not rant and scream and threaten with vile punishments for days on end; far worse she would calmly express her disappointment; the two times out of 38 that occurred, I felt far worse than if I had been severely punished, for having let Madame down, for disappointing and failing her. She creates that type of attachment and a growing submissive's need of her humiliating tasks and subsequent approval! I needed to obey her and receive her positive words the following day; I was hurting myself, drinking urine, performing public humiliation assignments, knowing the photos would make her laugh with disdain and increase her disgust of my dirty, nasty, pathetic cheap slut self, yet that served to increase my need for her approval, my need for another week of assignments; my sexual pleasure and release depended on degrading myself, and everything combined served to exponentially heighten my sexual arousal and pleasure!

Madame Luna is so knowledgeable, experienced and wise that she knows an endless array of tasks, using an odd and varied amount of toys, tools, food and other items, her weekly assignments would build one day on the other to the climatic final one on Friday, when one understood how the tasks were intertwined, yet always a delightful surprise as I never knew what a new assignment could be.

This review is my 38th assignment; Madame Luna merely wrote my task is to write an honest review of my email domination on this sight. I did try her video domination and an instant messaging session. She has a seductive, alluring, knowing voice and such understanding and insight that Madame knows what you want, yet more vital, understands what you need, whether one is aware of that at the time or not; she will seductively though demandingly, lead you there and suddenly one knows and understands and feels amazing thrilling excitement upon receiving what one needed. That only made me need more, need to serve Madame again so I might receive the same or even stronger feeling of pleasure!

I live on the west coast in America, thus Madame is seven hours ahead of me; her emails would arrive between 2 and 3 AM my time, yet so eager was I to read my new assignment I always rose around 2 AM and would stay up until its arrival!

I can give no higher complement and recommendation to Madame Luna, or any Mistress or Dominatrix, that to state I am so enthralled with and by Madame, so desirous of more of her training, so needful of her insight, understanding and strictness, that this summer when I take my every other year trip to visit family in Switzerland, either coming or going I plan a three or four day detour and stay to London, so that I may book and experience two real time in person extended sessions with her. To her her sensuous voice, to see into her deep eyes and her facial expressions, to hear the loud smack as her hand reddens my rear, to be photographed and videotaped-merely writing this is so intensely arousing, I only fear a sense overdose from such a session!

It has been sexy, fun, amusing, sensual, demanding, painful, humiliating and exhilarating experience to train under and serve and obey Madame Luna, far exceeding all of even my most optimistic expectations!!!

slave gregory

March 2014

I have been a loyal slave to Madame Luna for more then a month and I am really enjoying it. Its a pleasure to get out of bed each morning to check if their is a mail in the in-box. The mail usually arrives around 9-10 my time. The tasks can be anything and everything you can imagine. She is good at respecting boundaries that we set up before we started the domination. what i really like is even if she respects the boundaries she stretches very close so that you able to learn to handle the things you didn't want to do. Friday is usually the day you get to have an orgasm. Its Always a task connected to the orgasm,she likes her slave to orgasm quickly. she has a wild and wicked imagination when it comes to the tasks she assign. A fondness for cbt and sissy training seem to be apparent. I don't think I have really failed in a task so I don't know if she administer punishments. If you perform badly she is more encouraging and tries to help you get it right the next time something similar is about to happen. I will probably continue to serve Madame Luna for the foreseeable future.

April 2014

I had a session with Madame Luna more than a month ago, but I have to admit I keep thinking about her every single day since.
She is very dominant but very sexy at the same time. She had taken otice of what I had said were my fantasies, but I felt she clearly was ahead of me in what would arouse me.
A great person to be around too.
Cannot overstate how good the experience was. Just an incredible session. Will certainly be back.

October 2014

This week I spent my second afternoon with Madame Luna – and as before the visit was exceptional!
The location is easy to find but nicely tucked away with plenty of free parking nearby. She asks for and gives total discretion. On her web site Madame Luna states that she tailors each session to the individual and she has proven to be true to her word. At our first meeting (my first ever session with a Domme), Madame made me feel at ease and able to explain what I felt I would like to happen. She listened attentively and ran through a few ‘safety’ procedures before things got started. That first time was exhilarating and I’ve been back for more a few weeks later.
Madame Luna doesn’t just deliver the same old routine to every punter. This time around we recapped what had worked for me and what had not and I was given the chance to summarise what type of experience I wanted. What I asked for was exactly what I got – except for the moments when she found tremendous ways to make it even better!
Madame Luna herself is articulate, sensual, spicy, softly spoken yet all the more commanding for it and strikingly beautiful – but with such a wicked side (and smile) that just thrills at making you experience the most that you can take. Having her pour molten wax over my cock, balls and arse… and then lash the set wax off me was the height of exquisite pain. Why do I want to go back for more? Heaven only knows, but I do, oh I do so very, very much!
As others have said, Madame Luna doesn’t run a dungeon but a very clean and tidy property. During the session Madame Luna allows you to relax between ‘events’ and she’s a terrific conversationalist. Now that may not matter to some, but to me I enjoyed feeling I was actually with a real person. At the end of our time together she made sure I had time to acclimatise and get cleaned up, without any rushing to get me out the door.
I’ll be going back for more in the next few weeks, when she promises to find new ways to push me to new limits and new depths of delight.

April 2015

I have served a number of Dommes online but Madame Luna has been by far the best. I liked what she wrote about herself on the website but I must admit I was also very attracted by her fees. They are substantially cheaper than any other online Domme.

Despite the low cost her services are at least as good as the other online Dommes I have served. She clearly enjoys setting the daily tasks and has a great imagination, setting a wide variety of different types of task. I always look forward to seeing what task she has set me for the day. Some can be very challenging and pushed my boundries.

After a number of weeks of this I requested consensual blackmail. I wanted the extra thrill and risk of blackmail, giving her even more control. Again her charges are mor ereasonable than other Dommes - she is clearly not a pure fandom but enjoys setting tasks and controlling and humiliating her slaves.

Blackmail is dangerous play but I trust Madame completely to uphold her side of the bargain. She has certainly pushed me with some of the tasks she has set. She is very strict - if you fail a task or disappoint her she will start to expose you on her website. You definitely feel like you are controlled by her.

One day I would like to serve her in person but unfortunately she lives quite far from me.

I would recommend her to any slave.

August 2015

I found Madame Luna's website whilst searching for a local domme and it stood out as she really seemed enthusiastic and to enjoy what she does! I was really intrigued by her email domination and signed up straight away. I did that for over 5 weeks and am presently signed up to her blackmail domination service.
She is the most wonderful Madame. Her tasks are fun and inventive, ranging from simply wearing panties to inflicting pain with hot sauce, pegs and dildos!! If she likes the results she will give you praise and if not happy she is quick to punish!!
I was surprised how quickly I fell under her spell. Within a week of starting her email domination service I was waking every morning and excitedly opening my email to check what my task for the day was!
I cant wait for the next step, which is to meet her in the flesh. Im sure her sessions will be amazing. You can check them out with the many clips she has for sale on her site!!

November 2015

I have now submitted to Madame Luna for over a month via daily email training.
The daily tasks have included all types of different pain, humiliation etc etc the list goes on.
Madame has had me buying and wearing panties as well as having hot wax dripping of my private parts. Madames tasks are so diverse you never know what to expect when the daily tasks are emailed.
Madame expects her tasks do done with the best of you ability and if you complete your tasks to her standards you may be allowed a release day at the end of the week. Which every male can appreciate after not being slowed to cum for a week.

For any genuine submissive or sissy completing the daily tasks I cannot recommend Madame Luna highly enough.

What does tomorrow bring I cannot wait to find out.

March 2016

I first stumbled across Madame Luna randomly on Google, and what a great find she was. I first starting speaking to her via email as I took part in 10 a day Email Domination session. Throughout these 10 days she would set daily tasks for you to complete and provide proof to her by pictures. The tasks were very well thought out. The best thing about it was not knowing what was coming the following day.
Once I had completed the 10 days of Email Domination I went on be her 5th Blackmail Slave, this was a 3 month contract. She was very lenient and understanding when she drew up the contract to make it best suit my needs & circumstances. Once the form was complete and agreed upon both parties. The tasks came flooding through again via email. These tasks were a lot harder than the previous ones which I encountered in the Email domination.
I have completed the majority of the 12 tasks set this month. However I have failed one of her surprise 'Task Bombs'. I can see these keeping me on my toes.
I look forward to the next 2 & a bit months.
Slave #5

March 2016

Where to start??
Madame Luna is a supreme mistress whom I have now completed 37 email domination tasks for her.
I began my adventure almost a year and a half ago.
She has tested my endurance, will and all my desires!!!
It would be a dream come true to serve her in reality but until I pluck up the necessary courage that will have to wait.
In the meantime for anybody wanting to find their in slave, Madame Luna is the Mistress for you....
You will not be disappointed.
The emails are always opened on the morning with a deadline of midnight for completion, I have never been punished for non completion.
Tasks that still haunt and at the same time invigorate me are for a few examples.
I was made to kneel with my head in the toilet for half an hour, every two minutes slamming the seat down on my penis while it was in the bowl.

I also had to wear tights to work under my work clothes, I had a constant erection all day.
I have brushed my teeth with my cum.
I have save up a weeks supply of urine and had to pour it over my head.
And the amazing thing is you just want her to be happy with u.
I have been a dog and even eaten dog food from a dog bowl.
Madame is a miracle worker xx
Slave Stephen

March 2016

I just had to post another review on the wondrous talents if the beautiful alluring Madame Luna.
After writing my first review on her email tasks and seeing other people's review I finally plucked up the courage for my first ever real-time session.
On the days leading up to it, I couldn't sleep properly, not through fear but shear nervous energy!!
Another thing happened, I've always liked the odd tug of my manhood, I've considered it a occasional pass time but bloody hell I couldn't leave my cock alone for a minute!!!!
How it didn't drop off I'll never know.
I arrived for the session and parked up and as per instructions called Madame Luna from my car for the final directions, my excitement was reaching interstellar levels by this point.
With my heart racing I rang her door bell, hearing her coming down the stairs in her sexy leather boots only made it beat faster!!! Boots that moments from then I would be worshipping with my virgin tongue.
The whole hour flew by too quickly for me but that is a testament to how fantastic Madame Luna is at her chosen profession!!
She put me at ease almost instantly asking me to remove my clothing item by item. Dreading the removal of my boxers but once I had done that she said "now you've got nothing else to be nervous about."
She started with some light torture with pegs being applied to my balls after restraints collars were put around my wrists, ankles and neck.
I then had to sit on an uncomfortable bench of Madame's own design and worship her boots and ass.... WOW!!!
Madame then introduced me to anal using a selection of her toys while Mt wrist were tied to my ankles while blindfolded holding a 19" black dildo promising one day she would be able to fit that!!
It was huge!!! If it was mine I'd be forever tripping over it.
I was then helped to an amazing climax and sent on my way home wearing the pair of pink panties she had on during my most amazing adventure with her.
I shall definitely return and until then I plan on being a loyal and obedient email slave.
Madame Luna, thank you for a life changing experience xxx

June 2016

I am becoming somewhat of a serial reviewer where Madame Luna is concerned!!I recently made it to my second real time session with her and as my first was only an hour and certainly not long enough I booked 2 hours on this occasion.Would I live to regret this?Only time would tell.I arrived with a case of the shakes, as Madame had outlined her very mysterious plans on how I would be used that day.She had taken the time to make cards of different tasks/punishments and I was to pick a card on they were dealt out upside down and this would be how the morning would run.First choice ended up being OTK spanking!!!So there I was, a grown man laying over her knee getting a good spanking and boy what a way to start!!I then got ten stokes with her belt on each ass cheek.Then a pink dogs collar was place around my neck after which permanent red lipstick was applied to my lips after which slut hole with arrows pointing to my anus was written on each ass cheek.Then I had to sit on her uncomfortable bench again while I worshipped her beautiful ass with my tongue after she had attached loads of pegs to my cock and balls.Next up was nipple torture with some seriously nasty little motherclippers!!I was then given some rest bite while I was allowed to massage her glorious back, neck and shoulders, then I was instructed to massage her ass, all using some lovely smelling oils!I truly believe that I put Madame into a state of total relaxation.Next the attention fell back on me as some more anal training ensued with Madame using some toys she had bought for me, an anal stimulator and threw varying sizes of butt plugs.I was then to hold it in while I worshipped her pussy, to which I have to say I felt was the greatest honour ever bestowed upon a lovely slut like myself.I was then put through my paces as I was anally abused again while Madame wanked me off!!I was told not to cum without permission and unfortunately I had next to no self control which earned me 20 really hard strokes of the belt before I left.On the journey home I was in seventh heaven with my ass still stinging and the knowledge that Madame had taken several pictures during the experience to humiliate me later.I would love to add the Two pictures she took a proof to how amazing she is but it seems I cannot add media to a review which is a shame.Lastly to anyone wanting to learn the ways of the submissive, Madame Luna Is the lady to go to!!

June 2016

I have now reached the 100 email domination milestone with Madame Luna!!During the course of my nearly 2 year adventure, she has not only helped me gain confidence in my normal life but has taken me on the wildest of rides with her imagination and drive while dishing out her many humiliating and punishing tasks!!upon receiving them in the morning my heart is all a flutter with the anticipation building and I am unable to focus on anything else until I know what I have to do that day.It has become a very important part of my life!!!I can then go about my day with unrelenting focus until it is time to complete the task of the day!!The tasks involve all manners of fetishes, you never know what you will be doing but trust me when I say your boundaries will be pushed to the extreme and if you are man enough or should I say submissive enough you will feel a more complete human being upon finishing her tasks.If you are looking to dip your feet into the world of domination or BDSM this is the perfect door to open as she will entice you into her universe and you will never want to look back!!Finally a message for Madame Luna herself, thank you ever so much for this amazing experience, helping me realise my hidden dreams and desires through your supreme guidance. You have made me a better person and slave and I owe you so much!! xx

December 2016

Madame Luna and i entered into a bespoke email domination contract about one month ago. At this point, I have completed ten email tasks. I think that this can be a very difficult role for the dominant and many do not devote the time or have the ability to do it well. There is clearly less feedback than a live session and it might be compared to acting without an audience. Madame Luna excels for several reasons. She has an excellent command of language, since this is paramount in written email communication. She clearly also devotes considerable time to developing the tasks and, as others have pointed out, putting her unique spin on a routine demand. She also gives real feedback regarding performance, which is a nuance that many fail to grasp. She allows the participant to suggest amendments to the contract and I would advise close scrutiny and honest communication from the prospective client at that time. Once the contract is in place, the conditions of the contract are taken seriously, which is important in order to make the interaction realistic. She is quite insistent on proof of performance and as I noted above, this is an imporant aspect of email domination in my opinion.In short, Madame Luna is generous with her time and has considerable talent in email domination. She will extend your limits and challenge your ability to serve and please. I would recommend her unconditionally.

April 2017

Thank you so much for an amazing email session over the last 6 weeks or so, they was truly beyond my wildest fantasy. Honestly I am lost for words on how amazing it's been and I have never felt such an intense release when allowed.Can I also thank you for allowing me pursue my fetish and desire in such a safe environment. I feel so at ease with you as you have a natural skill in reading people hence why I am able let myself go completely.