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Madame Caramel, London's premier Supreme Goddess, bids you welcome to her sensual domain. Madame Caramel is a stunningly beautiful and dominant European Mistress, with a smile that will melt you into submission and an amazingly curvaceous and voluptuous figure that will drive even the strongest willed slaves to worship at her feet.

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September 2010
Madame Caramel is a charmingly exuberant Domme who is sensibly strict with all her submissives that kneel at her feet. A great pleasure to serve and one I would return to time and time again until she is bored with me!
November 2011

Madame Caramel is truly amazing. She possesses great beauty and charm- her sheer physical presence captivates you from the moment you first step into her presence - and is also demanding in the extreme. She is imaginative and sensitive: she can transform a session beyond your expectations but is sensitive to your limits before you even contemplate using a safe word. You get the sense with her that she truly enjoys what she does and looks forward to each session. In short- very highly recommended - I cannot wait to return!

June 2012

In the last 2 weeks I was lucky to serve Madame Caramel twice. She really is a true Mistress. The first time I saw her she gave me a big smile and hug and I was completely lost for this beautifull dark Lady. I `m a novice in the active bdsm scene and Madame Caramel understands that perfectly. She is demanding and strict but when I need it she hugs me helps me to take the next step. During the session she knows what she is doing and respected my limits. She can tease me to my limits, give me pain to my limits but my feelings for her are limitless.

July 2012

A fantastic experience that took me to a place that I never thought I could go to. Thanks for opening my mind to the world of BDSM and beyond.

July 2012

The first time I heard of madame Caramel was a few years ago when I stumbled upon the Club Pedestal website. Club Pedestal is a monthly club night for dominant women and submissive men held in London. The website says: 'a playground for dominant women and those who worship her'. Just like any other guy I immediately headed over to the gallery section. What struck me most in those pictures was the atmosphere. Everybody was smiling and having a good time. I really have to visit Club Pedestal some day but the idea of getting caught on camera by accident is holding me back. In the pictures there was one woman that stood out, a curvaceous, voluptuous black mistress with a fantastic smile. I was mesmerized. That woman was madame Caramel. Her website told me she is based in Central London. London is not that far from me but not close enough to just hop over. I live in the Netherlands and literally can go to the airport by bike. It takes me twenty minutes. I made a mental note on my 100 mistresses to visit before I die (and preferably sooner) list. Oprah is kind of big on these bucket lists but I do not think she approves of some of the entries.

The first time madame Caramel heard of me was two weeks ago. I came 'by accident' across her website and my eye caught her travel schedule: The Hague 19-21st June. I am an ADHD kind of guy so I trained myself not to act on impulse. Not so this time. Within a minute I sent her an e-mail to set up an appointment. Texting and e-mailing with her is swift and easy. She answers real quickly.

Finally the day of the session arrived. That morning I got out of bed with a pleasant sense of anticipation. Around eleven o'clock I texted her to confirm we were still on. A few minutes later I got her reply:
'good boy! See you at 4pm'.
I laughed out loud. I simply could not resist and texted her back:
'It's been a long time since anybody called me a good boy. lol'
'Oh really? You naughty then?'
Definitely of to a good start.

Madame Caramel was sessioning out of Club Doma and I had never been there. I looked the place up on Google Earth and learned Doma was located on a corner. The ground floor had a white door. It looked like the place. Curtains were closed and I rang the doorbell. Oops, wrong number. Doma was on the first floor. I went upstairs and ran the doorbell once more and was let in by some guy who ushered me into the session room. I waited a few minutes and there she was in the doorway. Wow, she looked fantastic. Proof once more that a picture never truly captures the essence of a person in real life. I approached her and kissed her hand. Totally unexpected I got a slap across the face. I was late. It was just one minute but I was late. I tried to excuse myself by telling her that I rang the wrong doorbell but that only made matters worse. A few more slaps across the face followed. She left the room while I got undressed and kneeled waiting in anticipation. When she returned she sat down and allowed me to kiss her feet. Once I had paid proper tribute to her feet she ordered me to follow her. I did so on all fours meanwhile thinking how I felt at ease with her right from the start. It took me 20 years to give in to my submissive and masochistic desires and I'm still not entirely comfortable with them. However as I followed madame Caramel on my hands and feet I realized how good it felt and I was very much okay with it. It was an intense, slightly odd but wonderful sensation. I hopped onto the bondage table and was securely strapped to it. In my introductory e-mail I told her I especially enjoyed bondage and gags because I find it difficult to surrender myself. Broadly smiling she showed me a large ball gag.'You will remember me for a while.' Try eating an apple after that. It was a correct but completely superfluous comment. It is impossible not to remember her. Her presence stays with you long after the sessions ends.

Madame Caramel then presented me with a large selection of butt plugs and dildos. She took the largest one which was somewhere around three to four inches in diameter and said this is what we will be working towards to. Then she placed it on my stomach. As it weighted down on me all of a sudden I started to feel a bit nervous. Madame Caramel slowly worked her way through the selection of toys. Not satisfied with how swift I answered her questions by nodding yes or no, she started torturing my nipples using fingers and tweezers. 'From your e-mail I read you especially like nipple play' Oops, did I write that or did she misconstrue my writing somehow? My nipples are by far the most sensitive part of my body. Tightly bound and gagged there was no escape. To make matters worse I had sessioned with my regular Domme a little under a week ago. My schedule is sometimes impossible. Every time I laughed she started working on my right nipple. It still felt sore like it had been through an industrial meat grinder. No time to regret or reminisce as madame Caramel started invading me with her hand. She said that if I could take the whole hand there would be a reward at the end. Did I understand that? I nodded enthusiastically. Unfortunately five fingers turned out to be the limit. Bummer.

She untied me and led me to a low bondage bed. I rested on my hands and knees with my wrists securely bound in front of me. I looked in the mirror and saw madame Caramel putting on a strap-on. It was a black belt with a red dildo, impossible to miss. What followed was a very intense strap-on session. The combination of rapid movements, her body forcefully pressed against mine and the warmth of her body was intoxicating. I already left planet earth a while ago but was now in a galaxy far far away. I do not know how long it lasted but I do remember I needed time to recover afterwards.

For the last part of our session I was made to lay down on the floor, hands tied to the railing. Magnificently towering over me she told me she already had several glasses of champagne the night before, so what was coming was even more special. A combination of her champagne and some Moët & Chandon followed.
'Don't spill a drop!' There was more than I could possibly drink. It was warm and tasted sharp and sour. The head rush just kept on going. Apparently I had been a good boy after all. After drinking all I could she turned her attention to my balls and nipples for another round of fun. A few well placed kicks with her feet between my legs made me growl. Because of the excellent session the area was even more sensitive than normal. Then she focused once more on my nipples. My body tried to wriggle out from under her and struggled to push her away by force. I apologized but madame Caramel said it was nothing she hadn't seen before and simply placed her weight on my chest and continued to torment my nipples some more.

All good things come to an end and so did our session. Sitting in front of her I looked at her once again. I studied her face a bit more thinking how great she is. Technically she is a versatile and highly skilled Domme. She has complete control over her actions. She is never in a hurry. It is the quiet determination of someone who is sure of herself. You won't escape from her unscathed but carry only the marks she decides to inflict upon you. In preparation for our session I sent her an e-mail with my wishes and desires, do's and don'ts. Thinking back of that list it is remarkable how playfully she combines so much into one session, something I only realized later. Afterwards when I gave her a lift in my car she told me she'd been up since 3am to catch the plane. I had not noticed, nor would I have ever known if she had not told me. Truly amazing.

What makes her really special is her personality. She simply stands out. I love women that are born with a smile on their face. I do not know madame Caramel very well yet but she is an outgoing person, fun to be with, who clearly loves life. She laughs and smiles a lot. It makes for a wonderful combination. If we were to 'choose' our friends in life I would definitely choose her. You are almost guaranteed to have a good time whether going for drinks, dinner or simply sitting on the couch and watch some television. She is such good company.

All of this makes it very easy to trust her, almost instantaneously adding to the quality and intensity of the session. When I finally looked into her eyes I thanked her from the bottom of my heart.

As I drove home that night I still hadn't returned to planet Earth. I think I did return to planet speeding ticket however. I couldn't care less after that amazing session. Got me some Chinese food to go and spent the rest of the evening thinking about that superb afternoon with the television playing in the back. I went to bed with a big smile and woke up with an even bigger one. It took a few boring consultants who apparently had found of a problem nobody else ever considered an issue to get me back to earth for a while. Funny how most problems disappear once you get rid of the consultants.

The next day I sent madame Caramel an e-mail telling her how much I enjoyed our session and asked when she was returning to Holland. September she answered. Ouch three months, now that is cruel and harsh. The next day I got a text message from her. We texted a bit back and forth. Somehow I think it is not going to take me three months to see her again. I am not that masochistic...

Oh yeah about that bucket list: after sessioning with madame Caramel it has become very short all of a sudden.

July 2012

Madame Caramel is a Goddess. Even i hasnt met
her for real yet Madame Caramel has made a big change
for me. Ma'am is very experienced, know how to train a novice
(im a novice), even from distance Ma'am is in control.

Soon i will visit her (6 days left) and Im very excited about that. im
confident Ma'am will make it a wonderfull experience. So far i can
recomend Ma'am to everyone that would like to explore BDSM, Ma'am
is a wonderfull Goddess.

sissy norway

July 2012

Madame Caramel is the first Lady I have ever been able to totally submit to over a period of at least 15 years. The 'mental barrier' was broken in a most natural way. She simply was from the first moment we met (at a neutral place) The Gorgeous Black Woman I have longed for for such a long time. Within moments wax in her hands ! No way to resist nor any wish to resist. Natural submission ! Madame Caramel made me a very happy submissive & slutfuck. Ladies and gents, I have met my True Mistress ! Madame Caramel also travels to Holland, Germany and other countries. If where ever you are you have a chance for one or more sessions with her.... Go for it, you wont be disappointed ! Simply The Best !
Slutfuck L. from Holland

July 2012

From the moment I set eyes upon Madame Caramel I was in a trance.. Her beauty and presence is unmatched in any other mistress I've seen or heard about worldwide.

The main difference from other mistresses is that Madame Caramel's dominant attitude and personality come from a sincere and genuine place which comes across as soon as you meet her. Everything from her smile to her stare project dominance in its purist most beautiful form.

If you have the rare opportunity to meet with Madame Caramel I suggest you cherish your time with her as she is certainly one of a kind and one of the most remarkable women I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

I suggest typing in Google 'Madame Caramel' and explore for yourself.


July 2012

I'd seen Madame Caramel on various websites and was entranced by her. I arranged a session and arrived dead on time. As with seeing any Mistress I always feel very nervous, but Madame immediately made me feel at ease by asking me general questions about my life and then moving on to what I wanted from the session. Finally the session started in earnest and it was everything I thought it would be. I went away a very happy sissy slave. I have been back twice since and each time Madame Caramel has pushed my limits a bit further.

I can't wait for my next session to be dominated by such a wonderful Mistress.

Sissy boy

July 2012

After a long wait it was finally time for me to visit Madame Caramel. We have had some sessions on the phone first, but not enough to prepare me for how it would be in real.

Our first appointment was lucky enough early so i didnt have to wait to long. Being on time its allways a good thing so i didnt take any chances. After a litle waiting i was ready when Ma'am told me to come over.

To describe the experience i had when i met Madame Caramel for the first time is very difficult, Ma'am made such an impression on me, and no pictures can justify Her beauty. i was a little star struck by finaly be with my Ma'am, so She woke me up with a command that told me to go to my knees and kiss Her feet.

i thought we would have a little chat before we started, but Ma'am didnt need that after our phone sessions. Ma'am told me to get undressed, and then Ma'am put me into panties, stockings, bra, dress, high heels, wig. Then Ma'am put some make up on me, and Ma'am did a wonderfull job. i was gone from a "man" to a sissy slut in no time.

Next Ma'am did was to put me in Her bondagechair. With no place to go Ma'am took Her time. She teased me alot, and when Ma'am realised i had sensitive nippels there where only a matter of time before i was going down. My nippels got a hard time and Ma'am enjoyed it, i did it to (the easy play). The hard play almost sendt me trough the celling, so Ma'am had to punish me for moveing to much. In between Ma'am teased me, i was sendt to the edge and then pulled back again, this happend over and over again. After a while i wasnt sure what was worst, being sendt to the edge or have my nippels played with.. but i loved it all. When i was in a rush of adrenalin and arousal Ma'am teached me how to suck on a strapon. With lipstick and make up i really looked like a slut, and in a way it felt right and good.

3 hours went all to fast. To be completly helpless was great, and with such an experienced Mistress as Ma'am everything was an good experience. Ma'am know how to play with an novice and made sure it was an good time. Ofcourse i got my limits tested and stretched, but it was done in a very nice way ( i think :-)).

After we have had a talk about the session i was happy i was going back the day after for new 3 hours. Ma'am sendt me out with a big smile on my face and my nippels so soar that they would know where they where going the day after.

sissy norway

August 2012

Day 2 at Madame Caramel was a litle later in the evening because of the heat. Probably is it me that should be much happy with that, but i didnt know that.

When i came up to Ma'ams dungeon the door was open, i knocked on the door and entered the dungeon. As soon as i entered the hallway i heard the sound of a bell, calling me into the playroom. Walking in not sure what to expect i was a litle nervouse, but the beauty of Ma'am and Her outfit made me feel safe and lucky.

As usual (if i can say that after 2 visits), i first allowed to kiss Ma'ams feet, and then told to undress. As soon as i was undressed Ma'am said She had an surprise for me. She wanted to lock me in chastity and told me to bring my cb-6000, i hoped it would wait a litle, but after yesterdays experience i knew that the smartest thing to do, was that i did what i was told. So 5 min. into the session i was locked up and Ma'am was happy and teased my soar nippels, and then put me into panties, stockings, bra, lipstick and a wig and continued to tease me a litle more.

When Ma'am was tired of teasing me She told me to lay down on the bench and then She got some rope and tied me down. i must admit Ma'am can the skill of bondage but i still have a hunch Ma'am was going easy on me, but the feeling of being in bondage was fantastic. It cant be described but must be experienced. After the ropes Ma'am took a blindfold and put it over my eyes. Again a new feeling, but i liked it. To have your eyes blindfolded makes your other senses much more alert, and that just spice up the experience.

Ma'am was happy with Her handywork on Her slut, with no eyes and tied down it was about time to play. Must say that Ma'am let me try alot of different sensaitions, and i had a great time. First hot wax, then nippelplay, tickling (Ma'am found out that i was ticklish and i got a really test), sound (Ma'am is an magican im sure, she pushed a sound in her cock, even it was locked up, what an sensation), some slaps. All those sensation was given with different levels of pain, and it was great. Ma'am really know how to treat a novice and make progress.

After a while i got untied, and made to kneel in front of Ma'am so she could play with my nippels. Again they got some really close attention, but they loved the light play, and Ma'ams clitty tried to burst the cage open, but didnt succeed. When Ma'am got tired of the nippelplay... or Ma'am wanted to give me a rest Ma'am told me to start to dance. im not found in danceing but again what choice did i have.... correct, none. So i did my best and atleast i pleased Ma'am because Ma'am was laughing (im pretty sure it wasnt because i was good).

When Ma'am finally got tired of me danceing She asked me if i wanted to try some analplay, and i said yes. The advantage of that was that Ma'am let me choose the buttplugg i wanted to use for the first time. Lucky me, i picked the smallest i could fine. A litle relaxed after being so lucky that i got to decide that Ma'am tied me down over Her horse. Then Ma'am started to play with my ass, first alot of lube and then Ma'am started with one finger and then maybe 2, but i couldnt see and Ma'am didnt tell. Then Ma'am said and now the buttplugg... i felt it go in and it was quite interesting, but it didnt hurt at all. Thanks to Ma'am to work me good with Her fingers first.

After that i was untied and told to clean up and when i got to the kitchen to clean up some of the toys i had tried out i got a surprise. The buttplugg i had chosen wasnt there, but another bigger one was there (it wasnt much bigger, but a litle bigger). Ma'am laughed and told me that i was such a slut so i needed that one.

Another brilliant session with Ma'am was over. Now i cant wait to get back to London again for new sessions. This was great fun and perfect for a novice.

Thank you Ma'am

sissy norway

August 2012

i had planned to have 3 sessions with Ma'äm at Her Dungeon. Just to show Ma'ams experience She said that maybe it was enough with 2 sessions. Its pretty intense for a novice but i thought i should manage to have 3 sessions.

Later the 3rd day i had to agree with Ma'am, so instead i asked if Ma'am wanted to join me to share a bottle of wine, i was lucky and Ma'am said yes.

We met and Ma'am said She was hungry, so then we went to a restaurant.

To make a long story short, i had a fantastic time with Ma'am. We talked about everything, not only BDSM even that was a part of our discussion. Even it was a fun evening Ma'am was allways in charge and had full control. So the evening involved some nippelplay (very light) and some challenges, but everything was very discreet and very fun. No one else noticed what was going on, and that was great.

This was my last evening with Ma'am, and i can as i said earlier only recommend Her to eveyone that wants to play.

sissy norway

September 2012

Since the beginning of this year I have had the pleasure of serving Mistress on three occasions. After our first meeting it was easy to see why Madame Caramel is known as London's Supreme Goddess.

It was my first time at a fully functional dungeon and upon arrival I was made to feel welcome and at ease. Physically, Mistress is a stunning woman and instantly had me under her spell, ready to serve. There is a regal quality Mistress possesses that naturally demands submission before a single word is spoken. Mistress knows what I enjoy but also tests my limits without crossing boundaries. Even though control is out of my hands, theres noone else I would rather give it to.

Mistress is particularly skilled with a strapon and feeling the warmth and weight of her body pressing down on me while giving the arse-streching of a lifetime is exhilarating. Whether I'm taking a pounding, serving at her feet or worshiping Mistress' magnificent bottom, Madame Caramel has a way of making it feel like my life's purpose.

If you have been searching for a powerful, deviant Goddess then look no furthur. Madame Caramel is in a league of her own in the world of Dommes and deserves every accolade recieved. I'm proud to have served such a world class Mistress, my only regret being I cannot do so more often.
Bottom Boy

November 2012

Madame Caramel has given me the best moments of my whole life. She has made me feel complete, but truly inferior. If you are a sub, you have not been purely and totally controlled until you visit the one true expert. To grovel at her feet is the ultimate privilege in life.

March 2013

My session in Doma with Madame Caramel,

We spent the day in Amsterdam and when we drove back home. Madame Caramel said lets go to Doma tonight. I felt a tinkling feeling in my body and I could only say "yes Ma'am". Lets call Lady Claire and book the studio. Luckily Lady Claire was willing to stay in Doma and let us hire the studio. We had a very relaxing day in Amsterdam but now the mood changed. Madame Caramel stopped smiling all the time. When we arrived at the house we only had half an hour to get ready. Madame Caramel was already in full Mistress mode and I was quiet and ready to server my Mistress. She made me help her getting dressed and ordered my around the house to get everything she needs. She ordered me to get my collar. I presented her my collar while sitting on my knees. The moment when she fastens the collar around my neck is very special, she always does a bit to tight to feel comfortable. But the moment it is around my neck I feel completely hers. She reminded me that the collars means that I am hers, it represents obedience, her ownership, pain and love.
Driving to Doma she made sure that I followed her strict protocol. I made some mistakes and knew that I will have to pay for every error I made. Finally we arrived at Doma. I helped Mistress out of the car at the front door after parking the car I was finally at my Mistress feet.
Lady Claire created a fire and offered Mistress a drink and was kissing Mistress her feet and was fully focused on my Mistress. With the simple command undress boy I knew she was ready to start. She sat next to the fire and I kneel in front of her. She said look at me, I looked up and saw the most beautiful sight. Surely she wasn't impressed with what was in front of her. So slave boy it has been in long time tell me what you did wrong and you need punishment for. I knew I should remember that but couldn't really think about anything good. Mistress lectured me about everything I did wrong in the last weeks. While she went on and on, I feel myself getting smaller and when she was done I could only agree that I was in need of a very harsh punishment. She ordered me to the spanking bed and I had to lay down. She gagged me with a very large gag, I could only breath through my nose from now on. Mistress fetched some rope and start to tie me up. She tied me up before but never like this, it was very simple my wrists and ankles to the bed. But there was no way I could get loose with her. She told me I was now completely hers to play with nothing I could do to stop her. I was scared but also excited and ready for her pain. She slapped me with her bare hand, I jumped like I was hit by the cane and had to calm myself down. Soon she start to hit me faster and harder she switched to a whip and the warm up was over. I couldn't be still anymore and started to scream after each hit. It was a good gag nothing sane came out of my mouth. Suddenly Mistress stopped hitting me and start to move her hands over my body. I am very ticklish and when I am on edge like now tickling me is pure torture. A second ago I was screaming in pain and now I couldn't control my laughing. If the gag would have let me I would start to beg Mistress to stop. Mistress became serious and she picked up a cane a very heavy thick cane. I saw it and knew that was trouble. She hit me with it at first very light but still it was very painful. The rhythm increased and my scream where getting louder. I couldn't lay still anymore and started to move. Mistress liked it that I couldn't control myself anymore she hits me even harder. I could hear her breath changing she starts to make a noise with every hit. She was truly enjoying this and wanted more and more. The pain was to intense for me, I was screaming, growling like a wild animal. I tried to get loose but Mistress bounds wouldn't let me go. Actually I was now thankful for the extreme gag and bounds because now I didn't have to worry about the shame of begging for mercy. There was nothing I could do then wait for the next stroke. Suddenly the pain stopped I heard Mistress going away to get something to drink. I immediately calmed down, I felt the adrenaline flowing out of my body, my breathing went deep and slow, my heart rate went from racing to slow. My mind went from panic mode to complete calm and peaceful. I felt like to moment just before you fall asleep. Madame Caramel returned picked up the cane and hit me full. I didn't move, I didn't scream, I was just laying there. I could feel the pain but my mind accepted it without the need to react to it. She hit me again and again, switched to whip and hit my back. I never felled so connected to my Mistress I could feel her every move. She checked if I was OK told me she was proud of me. I felt loved and happy. Suddenly I couldn't feel her anymore, I opened my eyes but couldn't see her. I felt lonely abandoned, scared and I could feel the panic rising. Suddenly she held my hand and I felt save again. She hit me again very slowly and I was immediately back in subspace. After a few more slaps Madame decided I had enough and started to unbind me. Back on my knees in front of my Mistress I slowly came back to the real world. Laying my head in my Mistress lap It felt like heaven on earth.

Normally the pain goes away after a session, but this time the pain increased with every move. A week later I am still fully marked, but every line on my body is een happy memory of this wonderful session.

Thank you Mistress for my first subspace experience, you are an amazing Mistress and I am lucky to be yours, thank you.

Your babie boy,

March 2013

I have known Madame Caramel for over 4 years. She is the most sensual , interesting , creative dominant woman I have ever met. I adore her company, her zest for life and when with her she makes me feel very special.
I cannot remember a time have been with Mistress either socially or as her submissive when I haven't been excited about being with her.
She tells me ' only she knows best what is good for me' -
to begin with i doubted her, but now i realize she really knows me very well.
Before I met Mistress, i played at being submissive, allowing the dominant to control me but only to my limits. I trust Mistress with my life and therefore have no limits when with her. It is the most amazing experience- not knowing and being totally open to what she desires.
I love her deeply and this has grown over the time i have known her. That emotional connection has allowed me to totally give myself to her.

She is beautiful, sensual, sexy and has a real presence. When you meet her she is engaging, can be amusing, but very firm. I have seen her with her friends and I love the respect she has for her position as, to my mind, the most desirable woman i have ever met.

There is nothing about Mistress to not like. She has her moments but in reality they are my fault. If i am good boy Mistress is happy. When Mistress is happy i am happy.

Mistress has allowed me to film with her recently and this is another aspect of life with her that is very exciting. Being used as a submissive and having to be a good boy is very exciting.

I love pain and mistress gives me that as a reward when i am good. I have been trying to learn her rules but its only recently that I know that with no 'topping' get what I need because Mistress is relaxed.

If you meet her new or as an existing submissive i think you will agree with me that she is inspirational, creative and a beautiful dominant.

I cannot imagine life without her, I am totally addicted to her and just wish i could spend more and more time with her.

Thank you for wanting me Mistress.
Hers - SAM xxx

March 2013

What a stunning Lady! From the first second of opening the door Madame Caramel was in control. She grabbed my arm, pulled me in and lead me into the dungeon. I love her looks, I love that smile, I love that playfulness. Madame Caramel is very friendly, has a very good sense of humour and everything just comes so natural. Just a very lovely person and someone I imediately felt very comfortable with. But at the same time, there was never any doubt about who was in control. I don't really know why. But I have complete trust in her. I was happy to hand over control over my body and soul to her from the very beginning. I think I'd have done pretty much anything for her. Not beacause she asked me to, not because she threatened me and not because this is what a sub/slave is expected to do. But just because I really wanted to. I want her to be in control, to take me, to use me, to abuse me and to humilate me... even in front of others. Just feels so good! *smile


March 2013

Madame Caramel is a serious professional Dominatrix with a soul and body shape of a black African Goddess; a symbol for passion, power but also fertility. She is stylish within sessions but also in the daily life and her mind is sharp like one of her instrument of torture. It would be also a pleasure just to go out with her for dinner..
She found a way to completely break me within a 2 hours session - Iwas not person anymore, no man in me, just an object which react regarding her command or just her gesture.
Also no marks remain; an important aspect from my side.
Before the session I sent Madame a letter which described my needs and sexual drivers so there was nothing to say as I arrived and the degeneration begun immediately. Within the first minutes I found myself in bondage and Madame Caramel added dozens of clamps on several sensitive parts on my body that gave me on-going pain, extended by a partially use of a paddle. Just after a few minutes I was only able to say "Yes Mistress", "please stop Mistress" and I did everything she wanted.
Next step was the reduction to an animal she saddle me and ride me across the whole floor, also just for amusement of the other Ladies around - which also tried the new horse. After a cold water cleanup (with brush) I was ready for the complete dehumanization, as an object Madame Caramel wants to be sure that no erection is possible anymore, so she removed all the clamps from my cock and balls and covered my anguished and sensitive manhood with hot wax in combination with a small cord bounded around my balls and 2 heavy weights finished that restraintment.. it worked, there was no erection anymore..
Bounded on a board, face under an toilet seat I was ready for my last humiliation.. well since I had a lot of clothespins also on my tongue I was really not able to drink all of the warm mild and bitter, salty golden nectar.. and at least I ended face down on the floor within her precious pee (the rest which I was not able to drink), I had fears to move, there were some other ladies around and she said: "here you can see a completely broken slave. I will show you". She gave me the command to slurp.. and unbelievable.. I did..
Slave 471

May 2013

The first time I got aware of Madame Caramel is approximately one year ago. For some time I’d been searching for a black bbw mistress offering sessions including full weight facesitting and squashing in Germany but couldn’t find anyone. So I started to search outside Germany and after short time I found Madame Caramel. From the first moment I was totally entranced by her presence and I knew I had to meet and serve her. I was member on her website and watched all the clips and pictures. I envied the slaves beeing buried under her gorgeous body. But there was no chance for me getting to London last year. I hoped I could travel to London later this year to make my dream come true. But then I read she would visit Berlin in May 2013 the same time I would stay there. I got in contact with her immediately and we fixed a date. But I had to wait five long weeks …

And then finally the great day had come. I called her some hours before to confirm the date and arrived at her appartment in Berlin. I was quite nervous and my fingers trembled when I rang at her door. She opened the door and when I saw her in real I knew I was totally right. What a beautiful black mistress! Right here in front of me and not only in clips and pics! Wooowww! We went in and after some small talk she ordered me to undress and wait for her while she left the room. Some minutes later she came back. She was dressed in a pink leather outfit that made her look ultra sexy. I had to kneel down and she stood right before me. Then she turned around and her big black bottom was in front of my face. She allowed me to kiss it. After that she sat down on her couch, took off her heels and ordered me to worship her feet. First I only kissed her feet, soles and toes but then she wanted me to lick them. I did it with great delight and would have done it for hours but there were still other wishes to fulfill. Next she took my head, put it between her massive black thighs and gave my some strong headscissors. She placed me so that I could see her smiling. She told something to me but I couldn’t hear her because my ears were totally pressed between her legs. After that I had to lay down on her couch and she told me that she would use me as her pillow. She sat full weight on my face some times front some times reverse until I was struggling for air and finally had to tap out. But beeing buried under her big strong black bottom and smelling her fantastic soft skin was simply heaven on earth. That was the place I belong and I wished I could be there forever. She gave me some short breaks to take breath again and then continued with face and chest sitting and squashing until I was flat like a pancake. I was very sad when the session came to its end. After I took a shower and was dressed again we talked a little bit. I told her that I wish to come London in future to meet her again. She agreed with a smile …

The session with Madame Caramel has exceeded my expectations by far. She is a wonderful and pleasant person who has always a smile on her face. From the first moment I knew I was in good hands. Good hands? No. The best hands. She made my dreams come true. And surely not for the last time. Yet I can’t wait …

Thank you
Your white german bottom boy

February 2014

I have had a few sessions with Madame at her Hoxton Dungeon when I was working in the City. Just 5 mins by taxi from Liverpool Street, it's a very well located dungeon. Madame excels in variety and no two sessions are quite the same. i've enjoyed having my boundaries pushed ... and stretched ;) I particularly like how Madame can 'facilitate' all fetishes with her network of Mistresses and Masters.

In the same way that the Concierge at the top hotels can 'arrange things' - Madame has no equal in Her ability to fulfill a fantasy

February 2014

I am Madame Caramels property for over a year now and I can honestly say that she is the best thing that ever happened in my life. I see myself as an intelligent person and know how to play with people often without them even knowing that they are played. I of course tried that with Mistress too and for a moment I thought it worked. But I couldn't have been more wrong when Mistress had enough she punished me harshly and put me back in my place. I could only respect her for that and I knew from that moment that I found my Mistress, one that can control in a level that nobody has done before.
Mistress did, she put me on a diet and make me exercise also at my work she pushes me to be ambition and get the most of my job.
We don't session that often but when we do it is always a treat. She is a creative Mistress knows how to play with my desires and weaknesses and is always in full control. We don't have a safe word, I trust Mistress completely and although she doesn't make it easy for me she never crossed my hard limits and always took care of me when I needed it.
This qualifies her as a true professional she knows what she is doing the only thing you have to do is trust her and give yourself completely to her, this will lead to amazing moments.
Right now I am in chastity for Mistress. She started the year by locking her property it is now more then a month. Chastity for me is very emotional after two weeks I was lost, irritated, frustrated,... Mistress put me straight with her cane and love. At the moment I feel connected and grateful that Mistress takes the effort to teach me to be a better sub for her. I am still scared the bad feelings will come back and have no idea how long Mistress will keep me locked. But I know at the end I will come out stronger. I can't wait to be at her feet again because that is my place serving this amazing woman.


February 2014

Madame Caramel is a beautiful, very experienced Domme who knows what you are thinking before you know it yourself! Having been a devoted sub for Madame for some time, she is still as capable of surprising and pushing your limits in a new direction as from the first day.

If you're plucking up the courage to contact her then I can only say do it now! You will never regret it!

Maid Anna.