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As founder , creator and absolute MASTER of the residence I have created an empire which is special, unique and entirely different. I enjoy the quivering of pitiful slaves when they reverentially enter MY residence. I enjoy seeing them kneel down, begging and quivering full of fear not to meet MY requirements. I’m playing MY sweet, malicious, sadistic and humiliating game with heartless cold and arrogance. You resemble a dog but your’re worth less than a mutt on the street being hit. The crueller I torture you, the more malicious and outrageous I treat you, the less mercy I show the more I will arouse your lust and subjugate you. Which good woman has ever been worshipped like a Megaera? Calculating, cold and resolutely I live up to MY sadism and you will thankfully be MY victim whose fear of MY moods will only be surpassed by the fear to be expelled forever.

My definite credo is: slaves and servants are only suitable if they are able to fulfill their duties,

if they fully meet MY high requirements and if they are willing to give up their own self with total humility.

Every slave has to obey MY laws.

In MY residence the life of slaves and servants consists in obeying, suffering, serving and working.

Whoever enters MY estate will have to obey these rules.

In MY residence male creatures will get to know where their real place in life is: under the yoke and the heel of women!!

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