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United Kingdom - Glasgow

Allow me to introduce myself - My name, to you, is Lady Violet. I'm a lady by name and a lady by nature! I stand at 6'3 in heels and have a very commanding manner and presence. My Amazonian stature is matched by my feisty personality. My long violet hair, piercing blue eyes and sensational curves coupled with my height makes me a force to be reckoned with! 

My no-nonsense approach to discipline will not allow any disobedience. I am very austere and rather manipulative without ever feeling the need to raise my voice. I am highly educated and skilled in the field of Human Anatomy and physiology. This allows us to push the boundaries of your darkest desires and discover ones you never even thought you had in a safe and controlled manner. I take great pleasure from your discomfort. I can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. You decide which adventure we will pursue

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January 2018

I met and sessioned recently with Violet as part of a Multi domme session during my sissy schoolgirl roleplay punishment session and am happy to give her a review.Violet was introduced halfway through the session to me as the Head Girl a part she played to great effect.Immediately as she walked into the room she made an impression on me. Violet was dressed as the head girl in school uniform and really looked the part. Violet is tall and very pretty indeed with lovely long hair and also has an presence about her an air of authority and you know that she will demand your respect even before she says a word.Violet oversaw my writing of punishment lines and kept up a steady stream of scolding about the standard of my behaviour and writing.She played the part of a strict and bossy head girl to great effect was extremely inventive keeping me on my toes and wondering what she was going to do next.Violet has a wicked sense of humour which shines through even though she takes absolutely no nonsense during the session.I was also spanked a few times on the backside and the back of thighs by her and Violet spanks very hard indeed.I am sure anyone who books a session with Violet will have a most enjoyable time and I would recommend her highly.Thank you Violet

January 2018

I really can't recommend sessioning with Lady Violet enough. I was lucky enough to first meet her when I volunteered to be Mistress Lilith's bondage guinea pig for her new cohort to practice on. And wow, even then, amidst 8 other Dommes, Lady Violet really stood out as both a stunning & imposing figure.  I was even luckier still to get to spend some one on one time with her on my last visit to Abstrakt Me. I’d booked a 4 hour session & midway through Mistress Lilith began dropping hints that their might be other guests, of course she kept me in the dark. Physically in fact, as the first I knew of Lady Violet’s presence was when the sheet that had been tossed over my bound body was wheeked away & I found myself staring up into those piercing blue eyes & at that striking mane of violet hair.   She instantly took control, partially freeing me from my previous bondage & ordering me in no uncertain terms to the front of the studio & down onto the ground. There she proceeded to tie me into one of the tightest hogties I’ve ever been placed, the sort where you feel your back begin to arch. And then like she’d read my mind decided to make it the tightest ever bar none. As she suddenly swooped down & looped a rope around my neck, drawing my head back. As she finished tying it off, a cascade of thoughts ran through my mind, firstly I am properly, properly stuck now. And also wow, no one's ever done that to me before. How thrilling!In my new ultra restrained state Lady Violet proceeded to toy with & torment me. A thorough spanking was followed by an effort to gauge just how ticklish I was. At first I managed to remain largely impassive, but then those long slender fingers of hers found my rib cage & soon I was writhing around, or at least as much as her binds allowed, begging for mercy. She eventually relented & sat down in front of me, legs spread, mere inches from my face, fully asserting her dominance over me. There she began to play with my hair, taking great delight in flattening my carefully sculpted fringe & all the while cheerfully chastising my failure to escape. Before departing, Lady Violet had one final treat in store for me, well it was almost Christmas after all. She appeared to have decided I was getting too relaxed, so rose from the rug announcing she was going to fist me! I started to panic, she can't be serious?? Can she??? I mean physically there's no way that's going to work! I'm a very tight individual... Thankfully though she was merely toying with me & instead of a fist she inserted a plug. Albeit a larger one than I've ever taken before, but she managed to expertly coax it in. The real treat though was yet come, as with a flick of a switch suddenly the plug was pulsating inside of me & all I could let out were shallow breaths as Lady Violet introduced me to a range of incredible new sensations. Truly an encounter to remember!