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United Kingdom - London

I am Lady Sophia Black, an elegant and seductive London Dominatrix, an expert and passionate practitioner of the arts of Female dominance. My superior beauty and femininity are the sources of power over you, and just as it is My birthright to exercise absolute dominion over you, your submission and devotion to Me is required by your nature, which I alone understand and control.

It is these truths which have bought you here, to Me.

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July 2012

It is a long time since I met a Mistress who establishes her authority so firmly and with such ease even before she inflicted her painful punishment upon me. It is like being forced to stare into the eyes of the Devil when Lady Sophia forces her hypnotically beautiful gaze upon you.

She picked up on my lapses at great speed, as was Her punishment and humiliation she reaped upon me. Men who think their under the wife's thumb don't know the half of it. It must have just been half through this session when felt I belonged under Mistress Sophia such is the power of her dominant touch.

Slave Ian

August 2012

i have seen a fair few Ladies in my time but when i stumbled across Lady Sophia Black's website it was clear that She was someone i had to meet. And to say i wasn't disappointed is an understatement!!!

From the first few moments in Her presence i knew i had found the pinnacle of my servitude and that i would never have to look elsewhere again.

Her dungeon was spacious, atmospheric and well equipped and She looked INCREDIBLE! i melted to Her will instantly and would have done anything She said.

The session was bespoke and organic and twisted and turned at Her will and with skill and aplomb She seemed to be able to gleen all the information She needed effortlessly and always in character never breaking once and never seeming fake or forced.

i had the most amazing time and am in love and am Hers forever. i will never need to see anyone apart from Lady Sophia for as long as She will allow me to see Her.

i cannot recommend this amazing, beautiful, powerful, intuitive, imaginative and Regal Goddess enough and my only regret is that i will never get that first time eve again but i can assure you there will never be a last time!

s x