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November 2009
Lady Seductress has an amazing location just a couple of minutes from Pimlico Station. You enter the premises via a private entrance and Lady Seductress takes her time to discuss your needs in a plush reception area before you are ordered downstairs to the Dungeon area. Quite frankly this is one of the classiest dungeons I've visited. It is fully equipped though very spacious, not crammed with walls full of whips and chains etc, leaving your mind free to concentrate on the Mistress herself. The whips etc are stored in a separate area leaving you to wonder what She will emerge with next!. I also noticed another exquisitely decorated room which I assume is intended for those with other scenarios in mind. The Mistress herself is as sultry and beautiful as her website suggests and there is no rush at all as the Mistress seemed to enjoy my visit as much as I did. I won't go into the nitty gritty of our session but afterwards we retired to the reception area where the Mistress made me feel very comfortable and I left very relaxed and contented. All in all Lady Seductress is the best Dom I've seen for ages and I would recommend her to anyone.
November 2009
i was looking at some mistress sites for my upcoming trip to London this Easter, when i came across the most beautiful woman i have ever seen. It was Lady Seductress. i booked a session with Her, and when the time had come She graciously allowed me in to Her chambers and i laid my eyes on her for the first time. i was completely taken by the fact that She looked even better in real life. Her eyes, Her hair, her beautiful skin complexion. it was amazing. She ordered me in and it wasn't long before i stood naked and vulnerable before Her. She dressed me up in some stockings and panties and had me on my knees before She attached a collar around my neck and had me crawling on the floor with the leash in Her hand. She put some chains on my hands and feet and before i knew it i was massaging her feet, i was Her ashtray, i was sweeping her floor and caned frequently for my poor skills. It was a delicious pain. i felt i was Hers. Her slave. It felt good. When the session was over i kissed her boots goodbye and left with some glorious memento`s and a happiness that can not be described. i had been in the presencee of a goddess. i needed to see Her again and be back for more. And so i did later that week. After my second session She allowed me to accompany Her to lunch and i have got to say, carrying Her bag for Her that day and doing other small things for Her, is something that has stuck with me in the greatest way ever since. She is the most beautiful Mistress you will ever see. Stunning eyes, beautiful dark hair. An ass, firm and round straight out from an assworshippers dream. Gorgeous feet with gorgeous toes. The most perfect sultry soft olive skin. An absolute Goddess. With Her intelligence and Her skills in Her art and Her gargantuan collection of shoes and outfits, i can recommend her to anyone. It was an absolute joy Her little slave slut. So much i went back for more and will do so again.
August 2010
I met Lady Seductress on Sunday 11th July 2010. My appointment was for 4 o’clock and with tubes down I barely made it on time, but just managed to do so. Obviously I had seen photos of Her Ladyship, but they didn’t entirely prepare me for the real article. Her incredible beauty made me feel even more nervous than I had been before. Twenty minutes earlier I had been standing on a bus with all the fellow common folk, now I was looking at regal beauty personified. Her cultured, haughty tones made me feel about two feet tall. To my dismay, it became apparent that Her Ladyship hadn’t received/read the mail I’d sent her outlining my preferences, my fault as I’d sent Her several mails. This became immaterial, as only one of us was going to call the shots, and it wasn’t me. Lady Seductress is a very high maintenance Mistress and with her soul burning beauty She has every right to be. If She wanted something She would snap her Imperial fingers and order it curtly; a drink, a cigarette, an errand run. Lighting Her cigarette increased my intrepidation as it brought me into close view of the most delectable lips I had ever seen. On order I later tidied up her wardrobe, ever conscious of the caning I would receive for mistakes. The most nerve wracking tasks, however, were those involving personal attendance. Taking off Her boot, meant the possibility of rubbing the leather against Her silky flesh. I felt like the slave who had probably carried The Venus De Milo and told to ‘be quick about it’. Any whipping I received or might have received was meaningless in comparison to causing Her Ladyship the mildest discomfort. As the afternoon developed, Lady Seductress portrayed the many facets of Her personality. At times She would smile and make me realise She was human after all, but at no time was I allowed to forget who was boss. Eventually, we settled down to watch the World Cup final. Of course settling down meant Her Ladyship seated comfortably with me at Her feet. Halfway through the first half She sent me out to fetch Her a takeaway. There I was in the middle of the West End with the World Cup being played queuing for food. It mattered not one jolt, I was on an errand for Her Ladyship and carrying the food back felt like I had the World Cup in my hands. When She had eaten and I had tidied up, I walked Her Ladyship to the tube (which was thankfully now running). As I carried Her bags She scolded me for ‘leering’ at Her backside. I wonder if She realizes it is nigh impossible for a red blooded male to ignore such perfection. As we awaited Her train, She had me kneel and kiss Her feet. I didn’t care who could see, there is no shame in groveling before one of such magnitude. Then She was gone, it was as though the sun had left the sky. slave richard
January 2011

The other day I visited Lady Seductress in her studio near Picadilly Circus. I had contacted her by email before and I found the exchange with her very pleasant. She came across as a confident and understanding lady, which resulted in me looking forward a lot to visiting her. From Picadilly Circus she guided me to her studio by phone. I got there shortly and was met by her at the door. You never know if a person in real life looks the same as in pictures, let alone that you know if it clicks with someone on a personal level, but with Lady Seductress I knew I had made the right choice almost right away. She is all woman, in her manner, as well as physically. Confident and nice, yet also very strict on the right moments. Her body, well, I still lay awake at night, not believing that I have been so near to female perfection. What I also liked a lot, was that she was well-prepared and knew in what direction to steer our session. She did so without hesitation, in a relaxed and natural way and with a sense of humour at times. All in all I can highly recommend her. I thoroughly enjoyed my session with her and hope to go back to her soon.

July 2011

Having decided to visit a Mistress once i saw her website i knew i had to see her. I arrived in Piccadilly and promptly phoned her for directions. It was only 2 minutes away and i was shaking nervously as i made my way to her apartment knowing what awaited me. She buzzed me in and was waiting for me at the top of the stairs where she led me into her punishment room. She offered me a glass of wine and a cigarette which i needed to calm my nerves, she was wonderfully relaxing to talk to. We had a general chat for a while to get a feel for each other and then she ordered me to stand up and strip. As she was wearing an office suit i felt very vulnerable with nothing on at all. I stood next to her as she read my email on what i was looking for. I had asked to be feminized and strictly disciplined to tears. She then produced an array of lingerie and passed me some stockings. I gingerly slid the stockings on in front of her still trembling with nerves. Next i was passed a pair of red silk panties with matching bra which i slid on while she fastened the bra strap for me. Whilst i thought that might be it, she proceeded to pass me some high heeled shoes, a short dress and a pink wig. I tentatively slipped on the shoes and wobbled as i slid the dress on. She placed the wig on me and combed it for me. She had a number of benches around the room and i was told to bend over one and raise my skirt. She began with a hard hand spanking and slid my panties down half way through. I winced as she gave me a thorough hard spanking. I was told to stand and show her my bottom, as i stood there allowing her to admire her work i wondered what was next? She decided a change of panties was necesary and allowed me to select some, i chose skimpy cotton pair and slid them on. It was time for her to use a range of implements on me and i was ordered across a spanking bench. My skirt was raised and i was duly paddled and strapped again having my panties slipped down half way through. I yelped and twitched as i was disciplined but she made sure i was given a thorough hard spanking. I was again told to stand and was ordered to pull my panties down to me knees and raise my skirt so she could examine her work. My bottom was by now very red and quite sore, the whack of the paddles and the sting of the straps and tawses taking their toll. I was ordered on to all fours on a low spanking bench, had my skirt raised and panties lowered once more, she informed me it was time for the cane. I had longed to be caned by her and felt my cock starting to bulge in my panties as i knelt in front of her. She began to cane me and i cried out and sobbed as she did so. She perfectly sensed the moment to stop and allowed me to stand and examine my bottom in the mirror. The ample bruising confirmed she had done a good and thorough job. She noticed the bulge in my panties and a bit of pre cum staining the front and asked me if i enjoyed it. I told her i did and thanked her for my much needed spanking. She sat down and told me to face her, raise my skirt around my waist and lower my panties to me knees and masturbate for her. We sat down and had a nice relaxing chat for while and i changed as was on my way. I can highly recommend a visit to this wonderful lady.

July 2011

Lady Seductress is absolutely everything her website says she is. When I spoke to her to arrange a session her confident voice and manner left me sure I was not going to be dissappointed. When I arrived I was greeted by a very classy Mistress indeed. She ouzed authority immediately but was also intent on discussing my likes and dislikes. Lady Seductress wanted to make sure I had the time of my life and left nothing to chance. Mistress was dressed in a lovely white top showing her beautiful full womanly figure and a smart,sexy tailored black skirt.She wore sexy black stockings with seams and stood firmly in her black stiletto heels in total control.After telling Mistress my needs straight away she ordered me to get on my knees and greet her properly as her slave and kiss her gorgeous black stilettos.NEVER FORGET she said next time you come to see me.Mistress then told me to strip quickly and kneel before her beautiful female body. She tied me up with a rope, hands tied behind my back and and also tied around my balls.I was helpless,on my knees,licking her fabulous feet.YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO BAD BOYS, she said. Mistress then ordered me on to her fantastic whipping bench and caned me for not worshipping her enough. Mistress then blindfolded and gagged me and teased and humiliated me like a bad pet.I must have done something wrong because I was ordered to get back on the bench.I did what I was told.I was still blindfolded and gagged for my second caning and was now totally at her mercy.Silence! A few minutes later she pulled me down and ripped my blindfold off and the gag. As I lay on the floor Mistress told me to massage her feet and lick her high heels clean.I have never been in awe of such gorgeous legs as I lay underneath her and had the privelege of serving her as she put her toes in my mouth and tasted her expensive stockings and be slapped for the honour of doing so. I bacame her footstoool while Mistress had a cigarette break.DONT MOVE UNTIL I GIVE YOU PERMISSION. Yes Mistress,I replied. I moved and so I was punished of course by mistress. She stood on me and dug her heels into me and told me to suck her lovely heels all the way. In the frenzy of my humiliation and punishment Lady Seductress made me come exactly when she told me to do. I had no control.It was Lady Seductress who controlled me. I went for an hour but Mistress did not watch the clock. I,m sure it was longer than the hour. I have to say,I was extremely impressed with Lady Seductress and her services in her finely equipped chambers.And they were sooo clean and Mistress had many toys and wonderful outfits. I will be going again - DEFINITELY. Mart

March 2012

I first met Lady Seductress almost 5 years ago when she had premises in Pimlico, and I still look forward to visiting her now. Every visit has been enjoyable, and left me wanting more. I won't go into details of individual sessions, but suffice to say that she is imaginative, cruel when necessary, but sensitive to your needs. She is always careful and professional where necessary and knows what she is doing. Oh, and she always looks fabulous, and has a wide variety of outfits, that sometimes make it hard to take your eyes of her! Most of all though, Lady Seductress is friendly, and easy to talk to. She tries to ensure she has a good rapport with the client, which makes all the difference to the feel of the session, and she is not a 'clock-watcher'. So I expect I'll be seeing her for some time yet, and would highly recommend her to anyone else.