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Lady Cazz Karia www.cazzkaria.domfiles.com

United States - Washington

Lady Cazz- a stunningly beautiful goddess with hypnotic eyes, long curly hair, and twisted tastes based in Seattle, Wa. Delightfully deviant, visually exotic, and stunningly perverse with a mind that will match and ignite and inspire those who kneel.

Worship, serve, submit.

Aftercare friendly, Universal Precautions versed, and a RACK mentaity.

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March 2017

Thank you, Mistress Cazz, for a lovely session.Mistress was charming, intelligent, stern, and incredibly nurturing. Aggressive in all the best ways.Kind, and beautiful. Before, during and after Mistress made sure I felt comfortable and safe. It was a privilege to meet with her. It truly was special to me. She was powerful- a witchy woman through and through. She totally controlled every aspect of my pleasure, and I was bespelled. Her dominance was sexy, fun, and brought me joy. I was able to explore new things in an unexpected way. I feel rejuvenated- play that was real play. Sincerely, A G