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April 2012

Goddess of Hypnosis is an Artist of Authority, a MIstress of Magic, and a Sorceress of Seduction. She waves Her baton like a Conductress of Control over Her orchestra of drones, coaxing unearthly music from Her zombified subjects. Many of these doomed souls started out slowly (or so they thought), with an 'innocent' little purchase of one of Her recordings or videos. Little knowing that an unstoppable and ever growing need had been planted deep in their minds for more of Goddess's sweet but incredibly potent spells. Her Beauty is obvious and apparent to even the uninitiated, but that is only the beginning, the glamorous siren call that attracts slaves to Her Queendom. Give in to that call -- you will never regret it!!

April 2012

She exemplifies professionalism. The Goddess/Mistress of Hypnosis’ approach and technique is studied, and nuanced. She is sensual, a true Dominant, presciently intelligent, and of course, gorgeous. Heartbreakingly gorgeous. Her videos are the best hypnosis fetish videos purchasable. Of course, i may be only hypnotized to say that. But that would kind of prove my point, right?

July 2012

Goddess of Hypnosis is my ruler. i am completely unable to resist falling deeper and deeper under her control. The unwavering force of Her bewitching green eyes has enslaved me. Her beauty has mesmerized me. Her perfectly modulated voice controls my thoughts. i am so happy to be Her slave.