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United States - Texas

As a seasoned Dominatrix, I have many followers who appreciate My beauty and uncompromising female superiority. Aspects of my personality are a seductive temptress, as well as a cold disciplinarian. I equally enjoy the sensual side of S&M play.

I am a sensual sadist, and I use my beauty and my intellect as instruments of erotic torment. If your devotion is total you will be rewarded, but not with out proper training.

Each encounter is a one-of-a kind work of art, where I dominate my slave's body and mind with a full range of disciplinary techniques at my disposal. A good client will open up to me, confessing his kinks, fetishes and dark desires. I will than take him to where I want, which of course, turns out to be the place he's wanted to go all along!

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May 2012

It is a few days after my third session with Goddess Ashlee and I feel compelled to share something of the experience as it just keeps getting better. I’ve finally found the mistress for me, the one that I’ve been looking for after much searching… We hit it off immediately at our first session and have been building a strong rapport with each subsequent meeting; I feel that we have a definite connection which I recognise as a vitally important part of the mistress and slave dynamic. Each time it is different. Each time is an exploration of my sexuality and my deepest fantasies. Each time is exciting and magically fulfilling. Goddess Ashlee casts a spell and I’m very happy to be under her influence. She is engaging, perceptive and inventive. She has a wicked imagination and sense of humour. Oh, and she is sexy as can be and looks breath-takingly stunning. But then that can been seen very easily from her excellent website. This session was just amazing and carried on from where we had got to at our last meeting but with some new twists. Dressed in latex I was permitted to worship her fabulous fit and muscular form and it was a wonderful experience for a fortunate slave! She is a stunning mistress, both physically and mentally, so creative and naturally playful and dominant by turn. Thank you again Goddess Ashlee for such fulfillment, I am still buzzing from the experience… Yours submissively, Slave Brain x