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Sensually Sadistic Seattle Dominatrix! Currently welcoming novices and experienced playmates to my fully equipped dungeon for inventive, salacious and erotically stirring D/s sessions.

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July 2014

This is for my fellow travelers, who like me wait far too long before, hopefully, giving in to what we want most.

As I stepped out of the shower to towel off after another session of joyfully suffering for Victoria’s pleasure, I found her leaning against the doorway to the bathroom. This was a first, so I was some what taken by surprise thou admittedly pleasantly so. Perhaps she was surveying her handy work from that day’s session, I don’t know but the look on her face said it all. Here is a woman that thoroughly enjoys what she is doing, confident, powerful, comfortable in her own skin, knows what she wants and doesn’t hesitate to take it. That aura is palatable. I imagine this is what the prey must feel like right before the lioness devours them, and can’t wait for it to happen. How can one not: alluring and sexy Victoria has a delightfully wicked twinkle in her eyes to match her seductive smile, along with a sultry laugh, and if you catch her uttering the words “good boy” and “oh yes you are going to take it” under her breath while subjecting you to some delicious torment well who wouldn’t be wishing to be devoured.

It is true that I first came to Victoria with “bucket” list of things I had long fantasized about and now had hope to make come true. However as Victoria worked her magic on me during that first session I discovered she has this way of quickly gaining your trust which made it surprisingly easy for me to succumb to my submissive nature with her. Somewhere during that first session I found myself abandoning that bucket list and surrendering myself to her. I have seen Victoria a number of times now, yet it would do her a great disservice to say each visit is better than the last. For with each visit Victoria has exposed me to new and exciting sensations; expanding my horizons in the most unexpected and most memorable ways. Such is her power that I have experienced and enjoyed things that I would not have considered, or at minimum would have placed way way down on that mythical bucket list. I think I have even surprised her with what I have begged her for during some of our sessions. I now crave things I wouldn’t have thought possible before crossing the threshold and into the depths of her dungeon.

So what is the secret to Victoria’s magic? Upon returning home after my first visit, I received an unexpected surprise: an email from her titled afterthoughts which is an extremely personal note from Victoria about one’s encounter. If it wasn’t clear already from your time with Victoria, such a note should cement the idea that Victoria views the session as much as hers as it is yours. Like any great chef, musician, or artist she doesn’t succumb to the temptation of preparing a meal, or playing a piece of music, or lets say working with molten glass seem routine and uninspired.

My apologies to Anthony Bourdain but I think his take on what makes a great cook applies here. “…You must enjoy what you’re doing…You need passion, curiosity, a full spectrum of appetites…You need to yearn for things…Ultimately, you are cooking for yourself.”

Victoria clearly does enjoy what she is doing. Victoria seeks to grow and learn new things about her kinks: it is as if you, your body and mind, are her canvas and she is driven to make the best use of it. As you honor her with your submission, she honors you with her passion and commitment. But it is the last comment that I find most applicable, most endearing: they, as does Victoria, first and foremost do what they do for themselves and are consumed by it, and if we are lucky enough to be able to partake along the way then we are most fortunate indeed as I have been with my brief time with Victoria.

Victoria has shown me that I am, among other things, a masochist so consider anyone can use a whip, paddle, or cane to deliver pain, but it is only an artist, and she is one, who knows how to use each one in such a manner as to inflict the most delicious of torments. In this case your mission, as it is mine, is to appreciate the various nuances each implement brings to the party, appreciate each has its own bite, appreciate each renders its own distinct welt, appreciate how each of your body parts respond in a unique way to her use of those implements, and most importantly appreciate that she is able to take you on that voyage of discovery. The first of many such voyages if you give her the chance.

I was fortunate to stumble upon Victoria’s twitter page which I found refreshingly unique in terms of what she chooses to post and discuss. A reader gets a peak into the person beyond the pro domme. From her twitter page I ventured to her website and blog (both expertly put together by her), where if you read thoroughly you’ll learn more about her and what she is passionate about. Her dungeon looks exactly like it is pictured on her website: clean, well laid out and organized, and filled with all sorts of delightful looking instruments of torment and pleasure all of which are top shelf. And those fabulous pictures of her you see on her website do not do her justice when you meet her in person.

I am ever so grateful that on my fateful day, as she refers to it, when I decided to no longer just be content with my fantasies that Victoria was waiting for me. You will be too.